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Woke Lady-Pastor, Lisa Sharon Harper, Blames Will Smith’s Attack on Chris Rock on Southern Baptists

by | Mar 29, 2022

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I don’t watch the Oscars, and I really couldn’t care much less about what happens at these carnal events except for when they begin to affect the Bride of Christ. And, of course, as is usually the case, it does. So if you’re not aware by now, actor and rapper, Will Smith walked onto the stage at the Oscars Sunday night and slapped comedian, Chris Rock across the head after Rock made fun of Smith’s wife. Looking at the videos on social media, one can only conclude that the whole charade is just worldly people acting worldly.

Nonetheless, whether it was staged or not, as some believe it was, the act itself appeared to be a form of glorified “violence” against another human being. We shouldn’t expect non-Christians to handle disagreements in a biblical way, so it shouldn’t surprise us to see something like this happen out there. However, it should always surprise us when those who claim to be Christians turn around and defame the Bride of Christ in the name of such nonsense.

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That’s exactly what one woke lady-pastor did.

Lisa Sharon Harper (not to be confused with another false teacher, Lisa Harper), who was enlisted by the Evangelicals for Biden political action group to help the disaster that is Joe Biden get elected, is blaming Southern Baptists for Will Smiths’ attack on Chris Rock. In a tweet, responding to Beth Moore, she writes “Perhaps the violence displayed between Will Smith and Chris Rock at [the] Oscars2022 was scarier than a Southern Baptist Convention because it was an open display of the outcome of four centuries of violence by Southern Baptists on bodies, minds and souls of African descent.”

Beth Moore, who quipped that the “violence” was “scarier than a Southern Baptist Convention” also took the jab at Christians in the denomination implying that racial attacks are just something that Southern Baptists do. Harper has been an outspoken activist in favor of Critical Race Theory and woke ideology, regularly denouncing “whiteness,” and appearing alongside other woke church activists including Jim Wallis of the far-left Sojourners and the gay-affirming Jen Hatmaker.

Harper goes on to conclude that the attack was a response to Rock’s “bow to white supremacy” by making fun of a black woman’s hair in front of “billions of people.” Of course, there were not billions of people watching that nonsense at the time, but her implication is, once again, to blame this garbage on White people because woke people have zero self-control or accountability.

If you think that this woke movement has any other agenda but to destroy the Church and the Bride of Christ, you’re naive. Yet, our Evangelical and Southern Baptist leaders refuse to see the danger in this movement and instead want to play nice with them. These people are evil, and if you want to fight evil, you better start speaking the truth about this wickedness infecting the Church.



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