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ERLC Article Tries to Convince Christians that Voting Democrat May Be Valid and Biblical

by | Mar 24, 2022 | Abortion, Feminism, Immigration, LGBTQ Issues, News, Opinion, Politics, Social Justice, Social-Issues, The Church, Video | 0 comments

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Leading up to the mid-term elections, the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) is once again attempting to rationalize the notion that Christians can vote for Democrats and have “valid” and “biblical” reasons for doing so. We at Reformation Charlotte, once again, are calling them on this garbage and we’re going to point out why this is just so absurd.

Before we do that, though, we’re going to point out that this is the same ERLC that partnered with Francis Collins, an LGBTQ activist who headed up the NIH, to promote vaccine propaganda. The same ERLC that spent your tithe dollars to promote “hair discrimination in the workplace” legislation. It is the same ERLC that continues to spread open borders propaganda. And the same ERLC that once said the Bible affirms gender fluidity and promotes LGBTQ activists in their gender resources for parents. That being said, we should not be surprised that the ERLC takes a less-than-biblical approach to voting, either.

So, back to the ERLC’s latest Democrat party propaganda. The ERLC recently published an article titled Why Christians should be political without being partisan. Here is the crux of the argument: both political parties are imperfect, therefore, Christians can have valid reasons for voting for either party. Here is the problem, though. Both parties are imperfect, but, as Christians, we have a moral duty to try to at least slow down the freefall of our nation’s death spiral away from God. While the Republican party is certainly corrupt, and it certainly needs its house cleaned, there are absolutely no redeemable qualities of the Democrat party. None. In fact, the Democrat party has built its entire platform on opposing God and truth.

For example, here are some of the lies that the Democrat party is platformed on, just to name a few:

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  • Murdering babies is not murder, it’s “women’s rights.”
  • Women can be men and men can be women.
  • Censorship is democracy.
  • Cancel culture is religoius freedom.
  • State-sponsored income theft is social justice.
  • White people are inherently evil.
  • Black people are inherently victims.
  • Liberal public officials and school teachers can raise your children better than you.
  • Drag queens are not perverts.
  • Government dependence is not slavery.
  • There is no definition for the word “woman,”
  • and so on…

And one of the biggest lies the Democrat party has spread—and the Evangelical Church has been co-opted to help propagandize Christians into believing—is that the Democrat party is better on issues of justice than the Republicans. For example, the ERLC article then goes on to argue that Republican Christians are “selective” in their morality and overlook other issues of morality when voting for Republicans:

Christians who are partisan Republicans are in danger of making a selective version of morality a substitute for a consistent application of God’s principles. Over the past 40 years, the Christian Right has said far more about homosexuality than divorce or premarital sex, and far more about abortion than about the destruction of human life in any other context.

Hogwash! This is pure Democrat party garbage. First of all, the reason the “Christian Right” seems to say more about homosexuality is that homosexuality is a far more celebrated sin in our society than these others. We don’t see pre-marital sex parades in every city around the nation every year; except, of course unless it’s gay sex. We don’t see divorce being shoved down our children’s throats in public schools—at least not yet. These are the kinds of sins that are dealt with internally in a church setting.

And, the asinine argument that we speak “more about abortion than the destruction of human life in any other context” is equally the same. There is no other form of “destruction of human life” that is promoted and celebrated in our society except abortion—and the Democrat party is all in on it.

Yet, the left’s rationale has consistently been that Black people and People of Color in America are somehow “marginalized” by “white supremacy” in our society and, even if that were true (it’s not), that this somehow is equal to murdering millions of babies in the womb every year. In fact, this whole movement of “racism” and “white supremacy” is absolutely nothing but an invention of the left to try to rationalize and give credit to their godless party. But the problem is that the Democrat party’s “solutions” to these invented problems were not only caused by Democrat policies but perpetuated by them. The Democrat party only serves to further enslave minorities in their Democrat-run cities by making them more dependent on government and offering them no hope of escaping poverty in many cases. Again, not a Republican problem, a Democrat problem that has merely been projected onto Republicans; a lie that the ERLC is helping spread.

The article goes on;

A Christian who decides to vote for a candidate of either party may have valid, biblically centered reasons for making that choice, but should still be wary of the dangers of identifying too closely with either party. Christians need to avoid making either party a source of their identity or a litmus test for Christian faithfulness. That does not mean that the two parties are equal, and that it does not matter which option we choose. But it does mean that Christians should seek to transcend both parties in their thinking, and they should be understanding of their brothers and sisters in Christ who make different political choices.

No, there are no biblically-centered reasons for voting Democrat. Voting Democrat proves one of two things: either you’re a secularist who has absolutely no concern for what the Word of God teaches, or you’ve been deceived by the leftist propagandists at outlets like the ERLC and The Gospel Coalition.

The Scriptures do not teach that we should be “understanding of our brothers and sisters in Christ who make different political choices.” Voting for Democrats is not an acceptable activity for Christians to participate in—and while it’s possible for a young Christian to be deceived and unaware of the ramifications for what he’s doing, the Church should be teaching them how to think biblically about these issues; not validating their ignorance, and possibly sin.

The ERLC’s argument that Christians should not “identify” with their party is also just dumb. First, it is not necessary to “identify” with the Republican party in order to strongly oppose leftist policies and believe that the Republican candidate is better.

The fact is, the Scriptures do not fall somewhere in between the right and the left. The Scriptures are the de facto standard for conservatism and anything that deviates from the Scriptures is secular progressivism. It is our duty to vote in accordance with the Scriptures the best way we can. And while the Republican party certainly does not meet the biblical standard for conservatism, it is far closer to it than the Democrat party is. The Democrat party has been completely co-opted by Satan to oppose conservatism.

And that is the proper way to think biblically about voting; it really is that simple.

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