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Australian Prime Minister Says Brian Houston’s Resignation from Hillsong “Entirely Appropriate”

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We’ve written enough about Hillsong founder and CEO, Brian Houston’s recent sex scandal that has landed him in hot water with the global organization he used to lead, so we’re not going to re-hash all those details here. If you aren’t caught up on it, you can do so at this link if you so desire. That being said, we thought it prudent to inform you that Houston’s long-term relationship with the Prime Minister of Australia also appears to be tainted, at this point.

It has long been known that Hillsong’s Brian Houston was a close friend of Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. Houston, a favored elitist, was privileged, for example, to leave Australia and preach around the world while the rest of Australia’s peasants had to remain locked down during the pandemic. In fact, it was the inspiration for the meme at the top of this page that we created at the time. Apparently, the meme was even more appropriate than we thought.

All joking aside, Houston was certainly close with Morrison who acknowledged Houston as his “mentor.” Keep in mind, this was all taking place while Houston was under investigation for allegedly covering up his own father’s sex crimes. Church Watch Central, the only blog in the world that has covered Hillsong’s scandals in more detail than us—and that’s saying a lot—reported in 2020:

With the Prime Minister’s own acknowledgment of Brian Houston as his ‘mentor’, it’s important to ask some questions. In light of Scott Morrison’s latest admission, do we as Christians have the right to expect the Prime Minister, as a ‘self-proclaimed Christian’, to represent himself as not only a leader with integrity but as an ambassador for Christ?

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Check out that entire report to see just how close Morrison and Houston really were; that, in and of itself, was scandalous.

However, it now seems the tides have turned and Morrison himself has now turned his back on Houston stating that he no longer attends Hillsong as he now attends a church in his own hometown and that he believes Houston’s resignation in light of his own latest sex scandal is “entirely appropriate.”

The Guardian reports:

On Thursday Morrison said it was “entirely appropriate” for Houston to resign from the global church after complaints about his conduct by two women that led to an internal investigation.

“I must admit we were very disappointed and shocked to hear the news,” Morrison said.

“My first thoughts were with the victims, as they’ve been rightly described and so I was very concerned.

“And the actions that have been taken are entirely appropriate.”

Morrison said that he now attended a Pentecostal church in his own community, ShireLive, and that “I haven’t been at Hillsong now for about 15 years”.

It goes without saying that not only is being unfaithful in marriage going to cause relational problems between a man and his wife, but it has the potential to destroy all of the relationships surrounding it. Not to mention, unfaithfulness to your spouse demonstrates unfaithfulness to Christ—these Hillsong leaders are not Christians. They never were and aren’t now. We do hope they repent and come to Christ, as they know what the gospel is and have heard it. But these people should not be, in any way, leading anything even remotely resembling a church.


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