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Al Mohler: 80-Year-Old Southern Baptist Trump Voters Will Die Soon, So Just Hang On Kids

by | Mar 18, 2022

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The above headline is a short, paraphrased summary of what took place at Southern Baptist panel in 2018. Because I’m limited in characters in the title, a better, longer title would read: Al Mohler Tells Young People 80-Year-Old Southern Baptists Who Don’t Vote Like They Do Will Die Soon, So Hang On.

Nonetheless, the point remains the same.

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In 2018, Vice President Mike Pence was invited to speak at the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting. Pence’s appearance was opposed by many, but for different reasons. Some of the conservatives opposed Pence’s appearance not because they didn’t like him, but we believed that politicians with no pastoral qualifications are not equipped to preach to a group of pastors—which is what the Southern Baptist Convention consists of.

And though I was a supporter of the Trump administration, needless to say, Pence’s message was not a sermon, but a political message. It was simply the wrong venue for this.

That being said, there were a number of leftists who were up-in-arms over Pence’s appearance not because they believe politics don’t belong in the pulpit, but because, well, they’re leftists who hate Trump and anyone and anything associated with him. One of those men was H.B. Charles, a Black pastor who joined the State of the SBC panel along with Al Mohler, Matt Chandler, and Mark Dever, to complain about how triggered they were that conservatives would dare invite a conservative, Southern Baptist politician to the SBC annual meeting.

During this panel discussion, H.B. Charles asks Al Mohler to explain how people are going to have to deal with how Mike Pence’s appearance at the SBC meeting affects them and other people, particularly, new Southern Baptists.

Mohler’s response was simple: 80-year-olds who don’t vote the way you do are going to die soon, so you young people will be able to take over, so just hang on for a while.

Lest anyone thinks the video above is taking them out of context, the link to the full discussion is here (Link to full video).



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