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Priscilla Shirer Posts Selfie With Disgraced Hillsong Pastor, Carl Lentz, Claiming Him as “Family”

by | Feb 21, 2022

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Priscilla Shirer is a good friend and a disciple of well-known prophet-preacher Beth Moore and daughter of popular Evangelical preacher, Tony Evans. Besides the fact that women preaching and teaching men in the church is unbiblical, these two women regularly claim to receive extra-biblical revelation from God and promote other unbiblical practices such as mysticism, and contemplative prayer.

There are basically two streams of charismatics. There is the right-wing stream that likes to make false prophecies regarding right-wing political movements which boast names like Paula White, Mark Taylor, Kenneth Copeland, and others. And then there is the left-wing stream that is given to social justice. This movement boasts names like Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, Christine Caine, and most leaders from Hillsong and their affiliated organizations.

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Despite which side of the stream these charismatics are on, it’s safe to say they don’t worship God–they worship their movement.

This is why Priscilla Shirer can unashamedly post a selfie of herself with disgraced pastor, Carl Lentz, and claim him as part of her Christian “family.”

In 2020, infamous Hillsong NYC pastor, Carl Lentz, was fired after he admitted that allegations of a sexual affair with an Islamic woman were true. Since then, Hillsong founder and CEO, Brian Houston, has been in total damage control mode as sex scandal after sex scandal has repeatedly plagued the Church and the organization’s image has become increasingly tarnished.

Following the departure of Lentz, several other revelations have come to light, including a revelation that Lentz repeatedly molested and sexually abused a female staff member and blamed her for the abuse. According to a blog post by the alleged victim, Boston “pastor” Leona Kimes says that though Lentz never had intercourse with her or kissed her, he would make sexually-charged remarks to her, gaze at her body inappropriately, and physically touch her in her “intimate areas.”

Lentz’s wife, Laura, recently complained that her husband’s repeated acts of sexual misconduct left her with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and depression. Despite this, Lentz is apparently still out and about trying to make himself the center of attention. Lentz recently appeared in a selfie with charismatic false prophetess, Priscilla Shirer, which she posted on her Instagram page:



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