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Southern Baptist Pastor Says He Won’t Vote For Any Republican Who Isn’t a Leftist Propagandist

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If you think that title was click bait, I can assure you, it is not. Anyone who’s actually been paying attention knows by now that the leftist narrative of the January 6 “insurrection” is nothing more than Democrat propaganda used to serve no other purpose except to try to disqualify Republicans from running for public office. What happened on January 6, we know for a fact, was not an insurrection. Nobody was armed, nobody tried to kill anyone, and the people who did enter the building–whether or not it was illegally is arguable–were actually let in by the Capitol Police who were there to supposedly stop them from doing so.

We don’t argue that there weren’t some within the crowd who acted illegally–and those who did should be charged accordingly. We believe that across the board, at any riot, from January 6, 2021, to Black Lives Matter riots all over the country in 2020. But to call this an “insurrection” is not only dishonest, but it’s also completely absurd, and doing so plays into the left’s agenda to purge conservatives from the government.

Yet, Evangelical leaders who are supposed to stand on the principle of absolute truth and the authority of Scripture, have joined in with the leftist propagandists promoting this nonsensical narrative. Last week, former Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore published an article at Christianity Today basically claiming that if you still support Donald Trump after the “insurrection,” you aren’t a Christian. It was appalling how many uninformed–and who don’t care to be informed–Southern Baptists and Evangelicals bought it. In fact, it’s disgusting.

Of them is Southern Baptist pastor, Bart Barber, who now says he will not vote for any Republican running for office who isn’t fully on board with the leftist “insurrection” narrative.

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Now, keep in mind that this is the same Bart Barber–the same Southern Baptist pastor–who defended serial plagiarist Southern Baptist president, Ed Litton, in the face of public scrutiny, out of political expediency.  Bart Barber stated unequivocally, “I do not believe Ed Litton should resign.”

“Ed Litton,” Barber continues, “is not the SBC pastor or the SBC preacher; he’s the SBC president. The task of the presidency consists precisely of appointing committees and conducting the Annual Meeting in such a way as to protect the will of the messengers.”

“Litton has not transgressed the Baptist Faith & Message, nor has he committed any malfeasance of his office.”

Of course, this excuse is absurd–how can a man who lies and steals–according to the 2006-2012 Evangelical leadership–be trusted to “protect the will of the messengers”? How is that not “malfeasance of his office”? Barber has no real answer; for him, this is about politics. In fact, many of the same men who told us it was sinful to support Donald Trump as U.S. president because of his character flaws are now telling us to overlook Litton’s character issues because they agree with his politics. If Litton were to resign, Barber is clear that he would be staunchly opposed to the conservative who would be next in line to step up and take his place:

“I love these brothers, and don’t consider them my enemy,” Barber says, “but they’ve been pretty clear about what they wish to do with the appointive power of the SBC presidency, and I’m strongly opposed to that.”

Of course, “what the wish to do with the appointive power of the SBC presidency” is bring back biblical conservatism, transparency, honesty, and boldness. They want to bring back truth rather than play politics to advance a progressive agenda. It should be clear by now that some of these people we call “leaders” don’t have a problem with dishonesty or misbehavior–they have a problem with conservatism and are willing to overlook dishonesty and misbehavior when it is profitable for their agenda to do so.


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