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Fraud Faith-Healer, Todd White, on Three Month Bedrest for Serious Heart Condition

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False teacher and fraudulent “faith-healer,” Todd White, announced that he has been placed on medical rest for three months due to a serious heart condition that has left him unable to exercise or even preach at his previously scheduled preaching events.

First, we want to clarify that we hope Todd White makes a full recovery as we do not wish physical ill toward any human being. However, we also hope that God will use this incident to expose the fraud in White’s teaching and move him to step down from ministry, stop teaching falsely, and repent and believe the true and actual gospel of Jesus Christ.

According to a video he released recently, White stated that he was afflicted with “some kind of virus” that caused his heart to pump at only 20 percent capacity. He did not state what the virus was, so we don’t know if was due to COVID-19 or, possibly–as many are reporting–due to a recent COVID vax that causes heart problems. We may never know. That being said, below is what White stated.

Hey guys, it’s Todd White at Lifestyle Christianity. As you guys know, we’re doing a campaign called Expand 22. Unfortunately, for the beginning of this campaign, I had an issue come up with my heart. I haven’t been here at the training center, I haven’t been able to preach like I want to, I haven’t been able to speak like I want to.

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I’m actually on 90 days of bed rest. Well, medical rest, the doctor said. Anyway, I had some kind of virus come in and weaken the left ventricle side of my heart because I’m a big advocate of working out, big advocate of cardio exercise and healthy eating, which I still am. But it caused my left side of my heart to get weak, and so the pumping capacity was at 20%.

My heart is on the mend. It’s actually better than it was. I’m only 60 days out from being fully released to be able to go and preach the gospel and do everything that I’m called to do, and that is going across America, bringing the power and loves, (and?) making LCU as strong as it can possibly be.

And we want to bring God’s kingdom right here, right now. We want to see America saved but we need you guys to help partner. Please help us right now with this Expand 22, we really need help, we need you to sow now. Go to lifestylechristianity.com, look for Expand 22 and sow your seed now.

White’s understanding of spiritual things is infantile at best. But in reality, the things he preaches are sometimes so outlandish that nobody should take them seriously. Last week, we reported that Todd White blasphemed Jesus by misrepresenting the doctrine of imputation and said that Jesus became the substance of such sins as “child pornography” on the cross. And last year, he preached a sermon where he claimed that Jesus wanted to climb into bed with you while you’re watching porn and be your climax.

He has compared the Holy Spirit to a “pooping dog” and many other blasphemous things. But, most ironically, White believes that he has the power to instantly heal people and repeatedly states that he does this regularly. White, as do most in the charismatic faith-healing movement, claims that people who are ill are that way because of a lack of faith. The utter foolishness of his statements places him outside of the realm of orthodox Christianity, for sure.


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