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David Platt’s Secret Church 2022 to go Completely Woke on Race, Gender, and Other Pet Social Issues?

by | Jan 4, 2022

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David Platt, pastor of McLean Bible Church–which has been in shambles of division over the past year due to Platt’s obsession with race–is popular for his annual Secret Church simulcast that is broadcast for six hours into the wee hours of the night around the nation and the world. As Platt served as the former pastor of Brook Hills Church in Birmingham, AL, his Secret Church teaching session seemed solid and biblical. However, after he left Brook Hills to take a leadership role in the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Missions Board (IMB), Platt has devolved into one of the most outspoken social justice warriors of the “woke church” movement.

Just this week, David Platt joined a host of false teachers–like the ever woke former practicing lesbian (who says she’s still attracted to women), Jackie Hill Perry and Hillsong’s Word of Faith pastrix, Christine Caine–for the Passion 2022 Conference hosted by false teacher, Louis Giglio. And in March, Platt will be joining Preston Sprinkle, founder of the Revoice “Gay Christianity” movement for yet another social justice conference.

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So it should come as no surprise that Platt’s upcoming Secret Church for 2022 will be falling in line with who he’s been aligning himself with over the past few years. According to his Secret Church website, the upcoming theme for 2022 will be: Gender. Sexuality. Artificial Intelligence. Race. Justice. Genomics. The Metaverse.

In all fairness to Platt, I’ve not heard him to date preach anything unorthodox on gender or sexuality. Perhaps there is something out there; if so, I’ve missed it. Yet, I can also say that prior to a few years ago, I had never heard Platt preach anything unorthodox on race or racism. Yet, today, his view of race and racism is completely unbiblical and grounded in the modern culture’s perception of moralism rather than the Word of God.

On Platt’s church’s website, they promote a plethora of resources from Revoice “gay Christianity” leaders as well as Living Out “gay Christian” resources. These resources are unbiblical and some of these people even advocate for man-to-man and woman-to-woman intimate relationships, including living together in marriage-like relations–so long as they stop short of having sex.

That being said, we can only speculate (hence, the question mark in the title of this article) that, because of who he’s aligning himself with in the Revoice “gay Christianity” movement, that he is also being pushed and swept into an unorthodox view of gender and sexuality as well. We won’t know until we see, but it is sad to see himself aligning himself with all of these people who have unorthodox views.

Below are some of the very unorthodox views of David Platt on race and racism.



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