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David Platt Co-Pastor Says Jesus Participates in Our Sexual Sin With Us

by | Jan 4, 2022

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I’m reminded of one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard a so-called “pastor” say; it was in 2020 when charismatic false prophet and faux faith-healer, Todd White, made the asinine claim that when someone is watching porn, Jesus climbs up in the bed with you watching it too…and He “wants to be your climax.”

If you think that is too crazy to be true, it isn’t. That man actually said that–among many other stupid things. Go watch it for yourself at this link.

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But that’s Todd White. He’s way out there, nobody takes him seriously. Right?

Well, that’s true. He’s certainly crazy. But what if I told you that one of David Platt’s–who is highly respected in conservative Evangelical circles–co-pastors said something nearly identical?

Yep. That’s what happened. Joe Carter, a former associate of Russell Moore at the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, is now an associate pastor of McLean Bible Church, writes the following in an article at The Gospel Coalition:

If a woman who is pregnant ingests cocaine or heroin, she makes her baby an involuntary participant in her drug habit. In the same way, a person involved in sexual immorality makes Jesus an involuntary participant in sin.

The article, titled Survey: Half of U.S. ‘Christians’ Say Casual Sex Is Acceptable, was actually supposed to be about what the title says. Except, once again, the entire point of the article was overtaken by this completely irreverent and blasphemous statement. Jesus does not participate in sin–neither voluntarily nor involuntarily. The statement is so stupid that it really doesn’t deserve an explanation. But this is what we’re having to deal with in Evangelicalism now. This is what mainstream Evangelical leaders are teaching and endorsing.



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