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Popular Worship Band Promotes and Glorifies “Highway to Hell” Heavy Metal Singers

by | Nov 16, 2021

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Today, what the Church calls “worship” is generally tantamount to a gospel of self-affirmation cloaked in a bit of Bible language–mostly taken out of context. The hymns many churches sing are self-focused and draw attention to the emotions of the person worshiping rather than on the God who commands all worship.

Even the songs that are somewhat theologically accurate are more often than not still focused on the affirmation of self and “who I am” because of God rather than who God is.

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This is clear in the lyrics of so many popular modern contemporary “worship” songs by popular groups like Hillsong and Bethel and artists such as Kari Jobe–all of whom have been previously written about at this blog.

But another up-and-rising star in the modern contemporary worship movement is a group known as We the Kingdom. We the Kingdom’s founding members are associated with the aberrant movements of Bethel Church, Passion, Rend Collective, and others. So it should come off as no surprise that this movement is disassociated with anything that could be perceived as sound, biblical gospel movements.

Besides the theological corruption within these groups, like We The Kingdom, they also exist to glorify the lusts of the secular world by promoting anti-Christian rock bands that glorify the things that God hates–including the band AC/DC that is famous for their song Highway to Hell.

One must ask: how does this bring glory to God?

Some of the comments on this post included:

Why would a Christian band promote a band that’s anthem song is “I’m on the Highway to Hell”?


EXACTLY! This is horrific that a band that claims to love Christ thinks it’s funny to glorify Satan and to use a child to do it! This offends the Holy Spirit!

Meanwhile, their lead singer, Frannie Rae Cash, sports a Freemason symbol on her necklace as she poses as the “Christian” Dove Awards:



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