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Francis Collins Says God Would Be “OK” With Aborted Fetal Tissue Research

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Reformation Charlotte has reported several times on the unholy alliance between the disgraced former head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), Russell Moore, and the disgraced former head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Francis Collins. Prior to both of their departures from their posts, the two allied together to advance the notion that Christians should not only get vaccinated but trust the medical community for medical advice, particularly surrounding vaccine hesitancy among Evangelicals.

Moore lauded Collins as a man Christians could trust because he, too, was supposedly a great man of faith who practiced science and medicine to the glory of God. Since Collins’ departure, it has been exposed that the NIH has committed serious crimes against humanity as well as animals which, even though Moore is a staunch animal rights activist, he still wouldn’t call on Collins to resign.

Instead, he continues to platform him and beckon Christians to listen to him.

In a recent interview with the Christian Post, however, Collins went on to defend aborted fetal tissue medical research–not the kind that uses a cell line from 50 years ago, but the kind that requires the regular and continual influx of new, aborted fetuses. In fact, Collins went so far as to say that God would be “OK” with it.

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The following was reported by the Christian Post:

He believes people should “recognize, after all, that people have elective terminations of pregnancy every day, and those materials are being discarded.”

“Suppose it was possible on a rare instance for something that’s about to be discarded with full consent after the decision by the mother to be used to develop something that might save somebody’s life,” the 71-year-old geneticist reasoned.

“In that case, I think even God could look at that and go, ‘OK, it’s not the thing that I would have wanted to see happening. Still, as an ethical choice between discarding or using for some benevolent purpose, maybe that’s defensible.’ Now that will make some people uneasy.”

Of course, this begs the question then: would he support the total abolition of abortion since his job at the NIH required aborted fetuses? His position is not the position of a born-again Christian–it is the position of a false convert, a fraud, and one who should be denounced as a Christian scientist.


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