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Will Russell Moore Denounce Francis Collins Over His Animal Abuse?

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Abortion, Opinion, Social Justice, Social-Issues, The Church | 0 comments

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Reformation Charlotte has reported several times on the unholy alliance between the disgraced former head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), Russell Moore, and the disgraced former head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Francis Collins. Prior to both of their departures from their posts, the two allied together to advance the notion that Christians should not only get vaccinated but trust the medical community for medical advice, particularly surrounding vaccine hesitancy among Evangelicals.

Moore lauded Collins as a man Christians could trust because he, too, was supposedly a great man of faith who practiced science and medicine to the glory of God.

Except he didn’t.

It wasn’t long after Moore’s promotion and platforming of Collins to Southern Baptists that we exposed Collins as a fraud–a man whose profession of faith was now called into question because of his actions. Collins was exposed as one who heavily promoted homosexuality and other aberrant sexual behaviors such as transgenderism as well as funded inhumane projects such as grafting the tissues of mice and aborted human fetuses together to create a mouse-human hybrid.

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In short, Francis Collins was exposed as a sick and twisted man with no conscience. Yet, none of that was enough to sway Russell Moore and Moore continued to promote him as a great Christian leader that Christians need to trust and follow.

So will the most recent revelations about Collins’ actions finally be enough to sway Moore against Collins? Doubtful, but we’ll examine. For those who don’t know the history of the ERLC, several years ago, the ERLC began an animal rights campaign that was largely promoted by Karen Swallow Prior, a former research fellow. Swallow Prior campaigned so heavily for the animal rights movement, she was willing to destroy the American economy on its behalf, stating: “We have to prick the conscience on factory farming, so we have to say the economy of the country be damned, this has to stop.”

The ERLC’s animal rights campaign became so strong they were even willing to enlist radical Roman Catholic animal rights activist, Charles Camosy, who published a video (that was subsequently deleted after we exposed it) calling factory farming “sinful.”

In short, for a while, animal rights became a primary concern of the Southern Baptist Convention’s entity head who finally gave up on it after his endless squealing gained little traction outside of his own ecumenical bubble. But nobody can say he didn’t try his darnedest.

That animal rights was such a primary concern for Moore, however, would lead one to believe that he had actual convictions about this. But does he? Or was he just using it to try to advance a leftist cause and appease leftists? Moore, a lifelong Democrat, has always led his organization from a position that would be palatable to leftists while not enraging the right too much. It’s why he’s always stood against abortion–it gives him something to point to when the right start accusing him of being a leftist. But, again, does he have any actual convictions or is he just trying to advance a movement?

Back to Francis Collins, you may be aware by now that Collins, along with Anthony Fauci, was recently exposed for being behind one of the most grotesque and inhumane projects in recent history involving animals. Collins funded–with taxpayer money–a project in Tunisia the placed the heads of live Beagle puppies in mesh cages leaving them unable to move while allowing angry sandflies to eat their heads alive. To make matters worse, they removed the vocal cords from the Beagles so they could watch the puppies without having to listen to them cry and howl as they suffer such torture.

This was the same man that Russell Moore–the anti-factory farming animal rights activist–would continue to promote as a great Christian leader that the Evangelical world should listen to and trust for medical advice. This is who Moore wants us to follow. If the heavy promotion of LGBTQ ideology coupled with grafting aborted fetuses to mice isn’t enough for Moore to call Collins’ character and profession of faith into question, will the abuse of these animals finally sway him?

Considering that even as of today, Russell Moore is still promoting this guy…I’m going to go with probably not.

Perhaps it’s time we call Russell Moore’s profession of faith into question.

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