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Russell Moore Hates Christians, Hates the Church, and Hates God

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I’ve written a lot about Russell Moore over the years. At this time of this writing, there are over 240 articles at Reformation Charlotte that reference Russell Moore and that doesn’t count the hundreds of articles I’ve written at other publications prior to Reformation Charlotte. Some may say I’ve been obsessed, but it’s safe to say, I’ve clearly considered Russell Moore a threat to the Church enough to make him one of the highest priorities for coverage since at least 2013.

Russell Moore, a registered Democrat, and a political operative with deep ties to George Soros, who we believe was strategically placed in the most influential public policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, quietly began work at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission in 2013 after former head, Richard Land left office. Moore was heralded by many, including Al Mohler, as the answer to the denomination’s prayer to bring unity into the denomination and restore biblical fidelity.

Everyone liked him. Everyone, except a handful of obscure discernment bloggers who immediately saw the red flags.

After Moore took office, it became increasingly clear that his Democrat politics was his driving motivation for advancing his ideology in the Southern Baptist Convention. Whether it be Moore’s breaking bread with the gay community, his softening tone on homosexualityreferring to Jesus as an “illegal alien,” promotion and teaching of inherent “white guilt” by sole virtue of skin color, yoking with Democrat and socialist groups, serving as an editor for a Catholic magazinecoddling the transgender communitypartnering with animal rights groups and referring to animal rights as a “gospel issue,” fighting for the right to build an Islamic mosqueaccepting donations from billionaire leftists like George Soros to advance open-borders and amnesty, publishing articles claiming that the Bible affirms gender fluidity, or making the absolutely asinine claim that Western culture is demonic, one thing is for certain, Russell Moore‘s agenda wasn’t just social justice, but overtly progressive; Russell Moore is a Democrat acting like a Democrat.

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Russell Moore has since lest the denomination after nearly a decade of advancing destructive ideologies and vain philosophies in the denomination. People began to wake up. As we relentlessly pushed out article after article, journaling every progressive advancement Moore tried to push onto the Church, more and more people began to slowly wake up. Pressure began to build for him to resign and, well, he finally did.

Praise God, he’s finally gone. But he didn’t go down without showing his true colors. On his way out, he dumped gasoline all over the denomination and threw a match at it. He hasn’t looked back and the flames are yet to be put out. As SBC officer Rod Martin noted in our podcast (which you can listen to here), Russell Moore either committed a serious crime or is an unrepentant liar. Basically, Moore dropped a bombshell unsubstantiated accusation against the Southern Baptist Convention of covering up sex abuse which, as of today, has led to the loss of legal representation, the resignation of dozens of officers who are unwilling to be caught up in personal lawsuits without representation, and the uninsurability of the denomination. The destruction, if it can ever be recovered from, is deep, far, and wide–and it was based on a lie.

Russell Moore has demonstrated that he hates the Church, he hates God’s people, and he hates God. Moore, in his next phase of life with apostate Evangelical magazines, left-wing secular institutions, and various other political alliances, continues to rail against Christianity. In a recent podcast with Philip Yancey–a never-Trump leftist and progressive activist–Russell Moore denounces “Bible-belt Christianity” in favor of moderate, un-convictional religiosity. Moore’s and Yancey’s position is essentially not to have any actual convictions on political–or theological, for that matter–issues, unless, of course, they align with theirs. And if you do, make room and have enough nuance and ambiguity in your convictions so as not to alienate the leftists in the Church.

Moore’s version of Christianity is actually opposed to biblical Christianity and demonstrates his lack of tolerance for those who actually hold fast to what is good (1 Thessalonians 5:21) while disposing of that which is evil. Moore hates biblical Christianity, which means he hates the true Church, which means, he hates you and he hates God.

And if you think that he’s no longer a threat to the Church because he left the Southern Baptist Convention, you’re wrong. He just left for a bigger audience.


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