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False Teacher of the Day #37: Kat Kerr

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Kat Kerr is a charismatic influencer who is gaining popularity in the charismatic fortune-telling Heaven-tourism camp. Kerr is a false prophet who has made a number of predictions in the name of God which have not come to pass. Kat Kerr makes #37 on our False Teacher of the Day series.

Kat Kerr is popular on the Elijah List–a website devoted to giving a platform to people who blaspheme God by ascribing dreams, visions, and revelations to Him which are clearly false to sane people. On the website, she is described as “truly a revelator who sees and hears straight from the throne of God” who “goes there often and God gives her profound revelation to bring back to us here on Earth.”


Well, one of those most recent “revelations” she received “straight from the throne of God” was that Donald Trump was going to win the presidency. The “prophet” who says she has pink hair because God told her that it was “Heaven culture” to do so, repeated insistently that Trump had won the election–that angels wearing re white and blue told her this–and that he would stay in office for the entire 8-year term. Of course, that did not come to pass. And despite the fact whether or not you believe the election was stolen, if you are a sane person, you can at least agree that Trump is not currently in office.

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The pink-haired prophet is clearly a false prophet.

Kerr has made a number of ridiculous claims over the span of her ministry; too many to name. But we will go over a few. During Hurricane Dorian in 2019, as dozens of people perished in the storm, Kerr repeatedly took credit for stopping the Hurricane in its tracks. On her Facebook page, she wrote:

Winds have dissipated from 185 mph to 130 mph and soon the storm will officially be downgraded to a category 3 and we will continue to speak against it!Because we are joint heirs with Christ and have given our lives to Him, as the Word says ‘we will rule with Him in this life’. He has given us power over all the power of the enemy and we will do the works He did (stop storms included) and even greater works we will also do (spoken by Christ).

Of course, to suggest that a storm that downgraded naturally yet still killed dozens of people was somehow the result of her charismatic whining is simply blasphemous.

Kerr has also claimed that her angels will kill you if you come after her.

I will just say this: I live in Florida. If you’re making noise to come and take me down, you’ll have to face these 150-foot angels who are with me… I always have to give a warning: You will not live in a decision like that… [The Father] told me He’s not gonna let anybody take my life. That’s not a challenge to you; that’s a warning.

But worst of all, Kat Kerr believes and teaches a false gospel. Her gospel is not based on the cross and those who place their faith and trust in Christ alone for their salvation. Her gospel is a gospel of works righteousness. For Kerr, doing good deeds can land you a nice spot in Heaven and the cross is merely a secondary coincidence to help you along the way.

Recently, Kerr insisted that Walt Disney “made it to Heaven” because he played a big part in creating good “family entertainment” while he was alive. Of course, the notion is absurd, but to charismatic false prophets who twist and distort the gospel to their own destruction, this is normal.

But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction. –2 Peter 2:1


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