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Union Theological Seminary Denounces Religious Freedom in Favor of Homosexuality

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Abortion, Apostasy, Feminism, Immigration, LGBTQ Issues, News, Politics, Racialism, Social Justice, Social-Issues, The Church, Video | 0 comments

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Union Theological Seminary–which is famous for its idolatrous plant and animal worship ceremonies–is coming out to completely denounce religious freedom in America as a tool that’s being used to “discriminate” against homosexuals. As part of the seminary’s annual gay pride month celebration, a series of gay-themed “Pride Month Chapel” services are being held in the name of homosexual celebration and queer-worship.

In a recent chapel service, one of the participants stated that, “you can use another word for Jesus” because “I know that Jesus may not be something that you want to say and that’s totally fine.” Another participant referred to God as a woman and asked them to “crawl into the lap of our loving Mother, our holy Mother God who created us in Her image and likeness.” And yet another participant referred to the Trinity as “the God who is three-in-one, but never a binary.”

However, one speaker who apparently hosted the chapel service live stream completely denounced religious freedom in favor of “the common good,” stating:

Maybe you, like me, noticed over the past year that this country has a pretty messed up notion of freedom. It turns out there are a lot of Americans who only believe in freedom from and have forgotten that there is such a thing as freedom for. For that freedom is to be held in the service of the common good. And yes, obviously I’m talking about masks. I guess I’m still in shock–I guess I’m still reeling from the way that freedom became an excuse for the complete safety and disregard for the wellbeing of others…For I spy with my gay eye that a particular interpretation of freedom growing like a menacing cloud on the horizon. For religious freedom is increasingly being used as a license to discriminate against the LGBTQ+ community.

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Citing court cases involving baking wedding cakes and the Supreme Court case which allowed Christians the freedom not to violate their consciences by providing abortions to their employees, Escobar goes on to complain about the possibility of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of religious freedom for Christian adoption agencies not to place children into homes with parents practicing sexual immorality.

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