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False Teacher of the Day #24: Christine Caine

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Christine Caine makes today’s installment as number 24 on the list in our False Teacher of the Day series as she is one of the most popular public speakers among both men and women in the seeker-sensitive Evangelical activism movement.

Caine is a “pastor” of a Church that gives so many false hope. (I put that in scare quotes because there is no such thing as a female pastor.) Hillsong Church is a subversive distraction from the true Bride of Christ. It is designed by Satan to turn people away from God by appealing to man’s carnal desires and is basically a dog-and-pony show with music that ranks not only on the top of Christian charts but secular. That alone should say something. The world loves Hillsong, but God does not.

Caine is a traveling social justice activist and Word of Faith preacher who is very close to other false teachers including Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, and Priscilla Shirer, and she is the founder of Propel Women, an organization designed to platform rebellious lady-preachers at preaching conferences.

Besides the fact that Christine Caine rebels against God by preaching to men and calling herself a pastor, she also preaches a false gospel–the Prosperity Gospel.

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The Prosperity Gospel–also known as “Health and Wealth Gospel,” “Name it and Claim it,” and “Word of Faith”–is a perversion of the biblical gospel that teaches that the primary purpose of Jesus’ death and resurrection is to create material gain for those who have enough “faith.”

Christine Caine also teaches people to engage in New Age practices like impartation by laying on hands. This is a dangerous, occult practice that is condemned in Scripture.

But making that even worse, she practices this impartation from a well-known heretic, Joyce Meyer, who prostitutes a false gospel for filthy lucre daily. This makes Caine a recipient of Meyer’s escort services and a partaker in her wickedness on top of it.

Christine Caine is part of a false church that gives people a false hope. Her Word of Faith gospel is filled with a graceless perversion of the gospel as she preaches works righteousness and genie-in-a-bottle type faith. She plagiarizes Pagans to write “Christian” books and she has led countless people astray spiritually while cloaking her false gospel in a veneer of public charity and activism while fighting for social justice causes.

But what makes Christine Caine one of the worst is that she is legitimized by mainstream Evangelicals like John Piper and JD Greear who continue to promote her and platform her as though she had something to offer the bride of Christ–she does not. And she needs to be avoided.


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