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John MacArthur on Joyce Meyer: Pagan, Pantheistic, Spiritual Ponzi Scheme

by | May 20, 2021

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Charlatans like Joyce Meyer, who recently preached a sermon while hanging over a toilet saying she had the greatest spiritual moment of her life, regularly turn the Christian faith into a joke and that’s bad enough — we don’t need to add to it. When it comes to false prophets and false teachers, the best thing we can do is expose to the world that spiritual poison that oozes from the lips of these wicked people and tell the world that this isn’t Christianity.

In the video below, John MacArthur calls out charlatan, Joyce Meyer, who preach a false gospel of health, wealth, and prosperity calling them pagan, pantheistic, and their teachings a “spiritual Ponzi scheme” that is designed only to make them rich.

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