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Lexington, KY Catholic Diocese Signs Statement Affirming Homosexuals

by | Feb 18, 2021

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Nearly half of the priests in the Lexington, KY Roman Catholic Diocese signed a statement affirming homosexuals despite the historic position of the Catholic Church that homosexuality is incompatible with Christianity.

While the affirmation is disguised as a statement against “bullying” or “violence,” actual acts of bullying of or violence toward homosexuals is rare. The purpose of the statement, according to its own words, is to reassure homosexuals that not only are they welcome in the Catholic Church, but they are “beloved members of the church.”

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Under the current Pope Francis, the Roman Catholic Church has been taking a sharp turn toward the left and toward embracing homosexuality. Of course, this is expected as Rome does not hold Scripture as its authority — its authority is whatever pope is in control at any given time.

Recently, a gay Campus Crusade leader decided to join the Catholic Church because of its new embrace of gays and the Vatican recently reinstated an openly gay, practicing homosexual to the priesthood. In Germany, the bishops affirmed homosexuality as a “normal” form of sexuality and in Ireland, the Catholic Church declared that gay men are welcome in the priesthood. One popular Roman Catholic “worship artist” composed a “worship” song for gay pride and Pope Francis himself conducted a mass for gay Catholics.

Anyone arguing that the Roman Catholic Church still does not officially affirm homosexuality and other aberrant sexual behaviors is living on a different planet. The Roman Catholic Church — despite the fact that she is a harlot, apostate — has now moved into unprecedented territory with its complete turn from conservatism to leftism over the last decade.


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