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Surprise! Gay Campus Crusade (CRU) Leader Joining Catholic Church

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Apostasy, LGBTQ Issues, News, Social Justice, Social-Issues, The Church | 0 comments

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Last year, Reformation Charlotte broke the story that a Campus Crusade (CRU) leader — who identifies as “LGBTQ” was teaching students that the Scriptures do not teach that homosexuality is sinful. Quoting a lesbian TGC author, Rachel Gilson, Grant Hartley tweeted the following:

Hartley, a student leader at CRU and an intern for CRU in California, identifies as LGBTQ and uses the hashtag “#LGBTQinChrist.”

Hartley has repeatedly argued that the Scriptures do not teach that being “gay” is immoral, but, rather, in his words, contains many “morally-neutral-to-good” aspects.

Now, unsurprisingly, Hartley appears to be abandoning Christianity altogether and is becoming a Roman Catholic. In a recent tweet, Hartley states,


The follow-up comments to his tweet include many Catholics “welcoming” him into their cult.

While Campus Crusade has completely abandoned the gospel and embraced the cultural zeitgeist of Marxist social activism, those involved with the organization are exposing themselves as frauds. The organization has become a breeding ground for apostasy. It can no longer be denied that Campus Crusade is an apostate organization that needs to be avoided.

For more on Campus Crusade, see this link.

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