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Arkansas Judge Says White Pastors Who Called Kamala Harris Jezebel Need to be Re-introduced to Jesus

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An anti-white, racist activist Arkansas judge in the state’s sixth circuit — who was removed by the state Supreme Court from capital cases for his activism against the death penalty — has declared that the two white Southern Baptist pastors, and those who refused to denounce them, need to be “re-introduced” to Jesus.

Judge Wendell Griffen, a pastor who also writes for Baptist News Global and Good Faith Media, penned an article titled Baptist Pastors Need Reintroduction to Jesus. In this piece, Griffen indicts Southern Baptist pastors Tom Buck and Steve Swofford of “racism” for comparing Kamala Harris to the biblical Jezebel. Those who took offense to Buck’s and Swofford’s statements are, as I dealt with here, so consumed by their own racist Marxist ideology that they are unable to see the biblical implications of these statements.

Griffen, an activist who graduated from the Department of Defense Race Relations Institute, is not only unfit for public service, but also unfit for the pastorate, says that he has “found no published account that any white SBC leader has criticized them for slurring Harris,” and calls her a “black woman of South Asian and Jamaican ancestry.” Being that the whole argument against using the term “Jezebel” is its implications toward American slaves, it’s idiotic that Griffen, and others, would make this argument since Harris has no lineage to American slaves. However, the lunacy of the left knows no bounds.

Griffen argues that it doesn’t matter how Buck meant to use the term, it only matters what the end result of him using it is, and compares it to driving, stating, “We do not excuse people who drive poorly because they mean well.” It’s really scary that someone deciding legal cases in court actually thinks this way — that he cannot determine the difference between breaking the law and using a term in its proper sense. Nobody “means well” when they break the law. On the other hand, properly applying a term and using in a proper context, on the other hand, does not, as Griffen puts it, make them “culturally incompetent.”

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In fact, not understanding the biblical context of the term makes Griffen biblically incompetent.

The problem is that Buck and Swofford were too nice to Harris. It’s doubtful that Jezebel actually supported the slaughter of millions of babies in the womb the way Harris does. In that sense, Jezebel is a term of endearment for Harris. From a biblical perspective, which is the only perspective that should matter to a pastor, Kamala Harris is far more evil than Jezebel.

As Griffen argues that Buck and Swofford’s statements are “culturally destructive,” he, as typical from the left, gives a pass to the real cultural destruction caused by Harris — millions of murdered babies, the advancement of perverse sexual behavior, and the destruction of religious freedoms. These things do not matter to leftists like Griffen because they are selfish, godless activists who see nothing beyond their own personal security. Men like Griffen will defend Satan himself so long as Satan is willing to give them money. Leftists have, in all conceivable fashion, sold their souls to the devil.


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