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Left in Complete Meltdown Over Conservative Pastors Comparing Kamala Harris to Jezebel

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Just to clear the air and bring clarity to the situation, Kamala Harris, who now occupies the United States’ office of Vice President and is the most powerful woman in the world, is, biblically-speaking, a perfect modern-day example of Jezebel. Now, to clarify, I have no idea what Harris’ sex life is or how many men she’s been with in her life nor do I care. I also am not interested in the color of her skin. But her actions — from a political perspective — place her in the category of a sick and perverse God-hating woman of power, just like Jezebel.

To clarify, Kamala Harris wants to murder children, advance sodomy and promote sexual immorality in schools and public and force Christians to celebrate it. She wants to steal from people with good work ethic to give to people without it. She wants to abandon immigration laws and allow swaths of criminals and drug cartels to control our borders and enter our country. And, worst of all, she wants to legislate away the constitutional protection of religious freedom, forcing Christians to embrace a secular godless worldview or be pushed to the fringes of society.

And she does it all with a fake smile on her face, just like Jezebel.

Recently, a Southern Baptist pastor, Tom Buck tweeted the following in reference to Kamala Harris comparing her, in a sense, to Jezebel.

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Now, Tom Buck, I really like him and consider him a friend. Hopefully, the feeling is mutual despite some disagreements we’ve had in the past. I believe we’re past that. However, here’s where I think Buck messed up. In response to Buck’s tweet, leftists, feminists, gays, and liberals all teamed up to denounce Buck. Unfortunately, he took the bait. When he did, this sent him into a spiral of having to defend himself against something he said. Something that was perfectly accurate and needed no defense — especially to leftists. No matter what kind of defense Buck puts forth, these liberals will not be satisfied with it. They don’t care.

My take, drop the bomb and leave it. Let them stick around to clean up the mess.

Now, in the wake of Buck’s nuclear bomb (I’m calling it that because of its effect, not its intended purpose), leftists have launched a campaign against Buck and other Southern Baptist pastors who have done this. It is clear that Tom Buck wasn’t actually calling Kamala Harris a Jezebel, he was making a completely unrelated biblical comparison to holding a “woman of power” up as someone to be modeled after by young girls simply by the virtue of their “power.”

“Racist, sexist!” cries the left.

Apparently, the most sickening part of Buck’s tweet is that he was unaware of the “implicit sexual reference nor the explicit use of it in slavery by massa against black women.”

The outrage from the pseudo-religious wing of the political left — namely, clowns like Lucan Mann and Washington Post reporter, Sarah Bailey, who tweeted:

Of course, nobody — literally nobody — actually believes that Tom Buck’s reference to Jezebel had anything at all to do with the use of the term during slavery. In fact, if anyone actually believes that Kamala Harris is a decendent of any American slaves is foolish. Harris was born to a Jamaican father and Indian mother, neither of which have any lineage to American slaves.

But none of that matters because that’s not what it’s about. The fact that so-called Christians are more concerned about the secular implications of the term than the actual biblical meaning is telling. This smear campaign on Buck and other conservatives, like Steve Swofford, is purely political — they can’t have anyone speak against their idols because their idols bring them political joy. They worship the secular almighty State first and their god is subservient to them. It’s why they are hell-bent on destroying conservative Christianity because conservative Christianity is the only thing between them and their god.

My advice to them is to stop defending it and let the left eat themselves alive over it.


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