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How to see Who’s Online on Instagram

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

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Instagram is a powerful smartphone photo-sharing app or a social media network used by millions of people around the world. Thanks to Instagram’s improved compatibility and user-oriented approach, it has become the most popular social network in the digital world.

Research shows that over 26 million people will join Instagram in 2020, which is double the estimated growth of other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Currently, there are over 1 billion active users on Instagram every month.

Although the app is popular across the world, it has an exponential growth in terms of “Sign Ups” in the U.S, Brazil, and India. Despite the user interface is awesome, the social platform has many technical drawbacks. For instance, it is optimized for the smartphone, which means the web-version is awful.

Many Instagram users do not know “how to see who is online on Instagram,” and that’s why in today’s article, we will focus on this particular question and answer it. Read on!

Check the Dot

There are several ways to see who is online or active on Instagram. The easiest way to check is the dot next to the username and photo on Instagram. If the “dot” is green, it means the user is online or active.

Go to your inbox or click the username of the person whom status you want to check.

Likewise, if the dot is not green, it means the user is offline. It is essential to update your

Instagram app because the “dot” feature is only available on the latest version.

Check Activity Status

Another way to see who is active on Instagram is to go to your inbox and check the most recent activity status. For instance, if it says something like “active 30 minutes ago,” you can know when he or she was online the last time.

Similarly, if you see the person is typing, it means he or she is online. Thus, you will know the status of the user and continue chatting with him or her if you want. You can also check the “dot” next to the username or photo in your inbox to see the activity status.

Remember, you can’t see the activity status of users who have turned off the feature. Moreover, many people ask “what if the dot is not green and the person is not in my inbox, how I will check if he or she is online?”

Well, in that case, you have to send a message to the user and add him to the conservation. If the dot turns green, it means the user has just got online. Otherwise, you can see the activity status and know when he or she was online the last time. For example, “active 5 hours ago” or “last seen 3 days ago,” etc.

Final Words

In conclusion, Instagram comes with both advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the cons are poor web-version user interface, inability to preview a music track before putting it in your story, and many others.

When it comes to the question “How to See Who’s Online on Instagram,” we have given you two easy methods that you can use to check who is online or active on the social platform.

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