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Hundreds of Black Campus Crusade Staff Members Angry that New Leaders are White Men

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Being woke is the future of this nation and, apparently, the future of the Evangelical Church. Practically every institution in this nation has embraced the movement rooted in cultural Marxism that vilifies classes of people based on arbitrary features such as the color of their skin and their biological sex, and even their sexual preference. All that being said, in order to be fully woke, one must completely and totally denounce straight, white men and favor anyone else, regardless of their attributes, over them.

Cru, formerly Campus Crusade, is woke. The organization has embraced so much of the cultural Marxism movement that it is completely unrecognizable from its foundational roots. The organization holds segregated events — no white people allowed — in order to fight “racial injustice,” and one Cru speaker at a large conference had a stadium of white people stand up and repeat a “lament” denouncing their skin color. The organization is so woke that certain leaders in Cru have even embraced the LGBTQ movement.

But as we’ve been arguing for years, this kind of pandering will never be enough. Despite the fact that the organization has put all of this effort into being woke, they still employ a few white men — and that makes the woke overlords angry.

A group of about 300 signatories on a letter to Cru leadership, which can be read in its entirety below, expressed their anger toward to white men being promoted to leadership positions recently within the organization.

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The letter reads,

There is encouragement and much to celebrate in Shannon Compere’s invitation and acceptance of the role, as she will be the first woman to lead the entire US Campus Ministry. However, full or complete celebration is left wanting because her appointment followed the promotion of two white men into the top leadership roles within Cru. The disappointment lies more in the missed opportunity to align our actions with our words when it comes to expanding ethnic diversity/POC in Cru’s top tiers of leadership. It doesn’t feel like the crescendo Cru15, ‘17, ‘19 would have resulted in.

They are glad that a woman was placed in the leadership role of a supposedly Christian ministry, however, she wasn’t black, so it wasn’t good enough. But what really angers them is the promotion of two white men.

“It is frustrating to witness three missed opportunities to name a person of color to these positions,” the letter continues, “and it is difficult reconciling the public internal-statements: “qualified candidates across the diversity of generations, ethnicity, and gender” and the “criteria used to discern the next leader” as per Mark Gauthier’s email, Steve Sellers’s email, and Steve Douglass’s email.”

The letter then goes on to demand an explanation of why more black people weren’t considered for these positions and if they were, why did they not qualify? The assumption by the woke, of course, is “racism.”


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