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CompTIA 220-1001 Exam and A+ Certification Overview: What Do They Mean to Your IT Career?

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The CompTIA certification program follows a standard that recognizes the importance of giving everyone a chance to build a career they like. Author: Ariana L. From entry to advanced level, there is a place for everybody regardless of their current skills. This post about the CompTIA 220-1001 exam takes you through the details for this assessment as well as its critical role in earning you the A+ badge. The journey of obtaining this credential starts with completing 220-1001 test first and ends with the exam coded 220-1002. As here we mainly talk about 220-1001 assessment, it is time to get to know what the first test is all about.

ExamSnap CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test Questions 220-1001 Exam

What Is 220-1001 Exam?

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When it comes to the areas that this CompTIA assessment measures, it deals with networking technologies, 125$ >>> hardware, network troubleshooting, mobile devices, virtualization, and computing for the cloud. Overall, it is a 90-minute long exam with 90 questions, where you will have to score 675 points out of 900 to ace it. Finally, to be eligible for 220-1001 you will have to pay $226. Even though it may seem difficult but with precise preparation, you can nail this test easily. And if you do, then you’ll get one step closer to your A+ certification. Author: Sadie X So, what do they both mean to your career then?

What 220-1001 and CompTIA A+ Credential Mean to Your Career?

Attractive benefits are there for you if you pass 220-1001 test as well as the second one. The immediate advantage, however, Theodore E is earning the A+ badge, which will also result in the following:

  • Employment opportunities and competitive pay

Seeing as the CompTIA A+ has become a standard in establishing an IT career, such a badge is always going to fit in with various job openings. With an improved resume because of the latest edition of this credential, your skills will be more sellable to the best employers around. Best of all, your level of expertise can garner a handsome remuneration package. PayScale.com shows $61,779 as the salary for individuals with the A+ credential. This pay also applies to roles like service desk analyst, data support technician, technical support specialist, and desktop support administrator. So, passing your 220-1001 exam is the best way to establish a great path towards a splendid career!

  • Your organization will appreciate your knowledge

Completing 220-1001 test and earning the A+ credential promote your overall outlook and how others take you. Employers and those working with you will see the value you can bring to the team as a result of your skills. So, if you wish to be noticed and taken seriously, pass the required tests, and earn this badge!

  • A starting point for more advanced skills

Exam 220-1001 and the A+ certification can provide a spot where you can stand and launch your next course of action regarding your career. Since their focal point is on developing skills for basic technical support, you can conclude about what direction to go next. You may wish to step into the CompTIA Network+ badge or even go for the Security+ one. In any case, comptia it fundamentals fc0-u51 certification practice test the opportunities that will be directed your way after passing these both exams for the A+ badge will give you the motivation to move ahead.


Understanding the CompTIA 220-1001 exam and how to achieve the A+ certification leads you to numerous advantages that will propel your career. But if you have not made up your mind yet whether to undertake this assessment and get credited or not, may these pointers lead you in making the right decision. May these above-mentioned benefits motivate you to make the best choice for your career. And may great career success be yours!


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