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Leftist Media Slams Trump for Making Fun of Prosperity Gospel Frauds, Mormonism

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Yesterday, The Atlantic reported that Donald Trump had been “secretly mocking” so-called conservative Christians behind their backs. Trump, who has been more of a friend to religious freedom than any other American president in modern history, has received the backing and support of the majority of Evangelical and Catholic church-goers who believe that a Biden presidency would place their right to practice their religion freely in serious jeopardy.

What The Atlantic didn’t report, though, is that those who Trump mocked are, in fact, mockers of God themselves.

It is true that Trump has aligned himself with a number of false prophets in his administration — namely Paula White — but these false prophets rightfully deserve the mockery of not just the president, but the Evangelical Church as a whole. The first example the article gives of who Trump mocked was Creflo Dollar.

The article states,

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Trump knew the preacher personally—Creflo Dollar had been among a group of evangelical figures who visited him in 2011 while he was first exploring a presidential bid. During the meeting, Trump had reverently bowed his head in prayer while the pastors laid hands on him. Now he was gleefully reciting the impious details of Dollar’s quest for a Gulfstream G650.

Trump seemed delighted by the “scam,” Cohen recalled to me, and eager to highlight that the pastor was “full of s**t.”

“They’re all hustlers,” Trump said.

It is fair to conclude that Donald Trump himself is not a Christian. He has openly denied his need for repentance and a savior and lacks the fruits of the Spirit — largely, self-control, among others. But the policies he has enacted and supported have largely been beneficial to the Church. But Trump is not wrong about these hustlers. Creflo Dollar is nothing more than a scam artist and as a businessman, Donald Trump can clearly see that. All of these prosperity hustlers are frauds.

According to the Atlantic, Trump also took a strike at Mitt Romney and his Mormonism.

Trump, he said, frequently made fun of Romney’s faith in private—and was especially vicious when he learned about the religious undergarments worn by many Latter-day Saints.

It’s just interesting that the leftist media believes that by pointing out that Trump mocks false teachers who claim to be Christians is somehow going to be a controversial thing for actual Christians. No, it actually makes us respect him more — despite the fact that we would love to see him come to the cross himself.


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