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Southern Baptist Seminaries Sell Soul to Devil For Nearly 20 Million Dollars Combined

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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, as businesses, schools, and churches shuttered their doors at the command of tyrannical state governors around the nation, the federal government implemented a “paycheck protection” program to guarantee salaries for employees of qualified businesses that were forced to close or cease operations as we “flattened the curve.”

Among the beneficiaries of the federal bail-outs were many Christian churches and organizations — most of which had already been given over to cultural trends and failed to resemble any aspect of the Great Commission. As these churches and parachurch organizations began to take hits in their income from donors, the Southern Baptist Convention’s chief ethicist, Russell Moore, among many other outspoken church leaders who serve Mammon over God, began to advocate and make excuses for why it isn’t just okay, but it is morally right for them to exchange their religious freedoms for a few slurps off of the federal government’s teet in a massive wealth-redistribution campaign.

And it appears that most Southern Baptist seminaries took the admonition to heart and accepted bail-outs in the neighborhood of nearly 20 million dollars, according to Pro-Publica, an outfit that tracks public financial records.

On April 6, 2020, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary took a PPP loan from the federal government in the 1-2 million dollar range.

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On April 11, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary took a loan in the 2-5 million dollar range.

On April 14, Danny Akin’s Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary took out a loan in the range of 2-5 million dollars.

On April 9, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary took out a loan in the range of 2-5 million dollars.

And on April 15, Gateway Seminary in Ontario, CA affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, took out a loan in the 1-2 million dollar range.

Hundreds of Southern Baptist churches took out the loans as well — but these churches are considered autonomous and directly supported by the denomination itself. Interestingly, these seminaries — including Southwestern — have been laying off conservative employees in recent months. And further, as of the time of this article, there is no public record of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the flagship seminary of the convention, taking out one of these loans.


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