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SBC Seminary Fires Professor Over Conservative Stance on Homosexuality, ERLC Unhappy With His Teachings

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Professor told not to discuss sex abuse or homosexuality. SWBTS told Lopez the ERLC was unhappy with his teachings.

Did Never Trump ERLC have Pro-Trump professor fired?

CAPSTONE REPORT — Bad news for conservative Christians. First, Chick-Fil-A abandoned its pro-Christian stand and caved to LGBTQ+ activists. Next, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention urged pronoun hospitality where Christians should use the preferred pronoun of a Trans person. Now, a conservative, pro-Trump, Latino professor who believes God can change sinners was fired by a Southern Baptist seminary over this issue. And the ERLC’s fingerprints are all over this.

In fact, Professor Robert Lopez was told he could not speak nor publish about the ability of Jesus to change sinners, according to a statement released by the professor.

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“I was preaching publicly that with the help of Jesus Christ people could overcome homosexuality, and I was discussing same-sex sex abuse,” Lopez said in a release.

The statement continues: According to Lopez, his supervisors cited opposition to him from the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and the Southwestern administration. In September, Lopez was told not to continue to discuss homosexuality or sex abuse in any capacity while employed at the Seminary. “I stated that the demands from the Seminary violated my conscience and would force me to disobey God. I was told that if that was the case, I had to resign. I refused to resign.” Lopez was then laid off.

When Lopez told the administration of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary he would continue to speak and write according to biblical orthodoxy, the administration told him to resign.

“I was let go after preaching the Gospel and talking about sex abuse and sexuality,” Lopez alleged.

Lopez authored a resolution calling on the SBC to protect whistleblowers exposing sex abuse and other misconduct in the Southern Baptist Convention.



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