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Former Liberty University Employee Says Apostles and Reformers May Have Been “Misogynists”

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When Evangelicals stoop to this level of insanity, it’s clear that God is removing His hand of grace from the Church. Earlier today, Reformation Charlotte opined that Southern Baptist leaders were giving way to liberalism and launching a concerted attack on conservatives using weaponized progressive rhetoric as their ammunition of choice.

But if taking their onslaught of verbal attacks back to the Reformers isn’t cheap enough, then let’s take it all the way back to the Apostles.

Matt Warner, who claims to have taught at Liberty University for over a decade, posted on Twitter that the Apostles and early Church fathers, Paul, Timothy, John, and Augustine may have not only been misogynists but also the Reformers Luther and Calvin.

This assertion falls on the heels of a movement by liberals who are trying to discredit the biblical position of complementarianism and biblically-instituted patriarchy by discrediting not just conservative Christians, but historic Church fathers and even the Apostles. Sowing seeds of doubt into the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture, the liberals are making massive inroads into the conservative Church with their influence.

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Beth Moore has been leading the charge against the Scriptures, recently tweeting that the Apostle Paul’s words were not as important as Jesus’ words — as though they were somehow contradictory — and that Jesus’ words took precedence over the rest of Scripture.

Following on her heels is the up and rising liberal star, Jory Micah — good friends with Matt Chandler’s wife — who not only diminishes Paul’s authority but outright rejects it. I think we can see a pattern in these two.


Anyone who knows Jory Micah knows that she is not a Christian and fully rejects Jesus, His Word, and his command to follow and obey Him.

Warner’s comment was in response to another Twitter user making an observation about the current state of the so-called “Christian” egalitarian movement pointing out the logical end of the absurdity.

Of course, you wouldn’t expect liberals to understand this. Jory Micah, who happens to be the perfect depiction of the logical end of this absurdity, said that if God is man, you can “count her out.”

Well, to be honest, she was “counted out” long before that post was made — but it is just a perfect example of the logical end of this entire progressive movement against the biblical doctrine of complementarianism.


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