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Charisma News Blasts John MacArthur, Says He Should “Apologize to Women Preachers”

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Charisma News is the primary news hub of charismatic chaos and the mainstreaming of outlandish false prophets and apostles who claim the continuance of the apostolic sign gifts such as tongues, prophecy, and healings. Generally, the writers are at odds with any semblance of biblical Christianity and are hell-bent on normalizing the aberrant foolishness that pours from the mouths of babblers from Joyce Meyer to Paula White.

Lately, however, Charisma has embraced a Southern Baptist lady-preacher who seems to fit right in with the bizarre squadron of self-proclaimed divine revelators who fill the airwaves at TBN and other orifices of charismatic droppings — Beth Moore.

Beth Moore has set herself up as the agent of change in Evangelicalism who is determined to recreate the denominational structure of the Southern Baptist Convention by opposing all strongholds of biblical complementary theology and dismantling the biblical gender roles of men and women. She, like all at Charisma News, has set herself up in opposition to God Himself.

She is leading the rebellion against Christ and His Church.

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Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first…

2 Thessalonians 2:3

Charisma News has not only embraced Beth Moore as one of their own — and rightly so — but they have also come out in opposition to John MacArthur. In the wake of John MacArthur’s emphatic and merciful exhortation for Beth Moore to “go home,” as there is “no biblical case” to be made for a female preacher, charismatics and other self-castrated male “leaders” of Evangelicalism have — instead of affirming MacArthur’s biblical position — joined the chorus of Beth Moore’s rebellious mantra. From SBC president, J.D. Greear’s mockery of MacArthur to the self-confirmed eunuch, Sam Allberry — one thing is clear, these men are afraid of women.

Now, Charisma News is calling on John MacArthur to “apologize” to Beth Moore and other self-exalting lady-preachers who have rebelled against God and usurped the role of men, referring to him as a “fundamentalist preacher” and calling his words “ungracious.”

“I respect some of MacArthur’s theological contributions,” writes Lee Grady of Charisma, “He has written some excellent books. But his dismissive attitude toward women who are called to ministry is rude, crude and incredibly unhelpful in a day when we need every available minister—male or female—on the front lines.”

Grady attempts to make the case that somehow, despite God’s command not to do so, the Church needs these women — false prophetesses — to stand on the “front lines” with men. Citing a list of biblical female servants, Grady asks, “Would MacArthur tell the prophet Deborah to “go home” rather than organize an army to defend ancient Israel? Would he tell Priscilla to “go home” rather than travel and teach in New Testament churches?” Yet, what Grady fails to recognize is that first and foremost, these women were not false prophets — Beth Moore is.

But just as important is the fact that not only did these women not function in the role of pastor, elder, or teacher — not simply “ordained,” but function — there is simply no precedent in the New Testament anywhere for women to set themselves up as preachers in the Church. The argument that these servants he listed are somehow equivalent to what Beth Moore — or any of charismania’s gaggle of female preachers — are doing is simply preposterous. Further, simply because women “have prophesied” at times during biblical history does not mean it is normative for the Church to do so. There are clear, undeniable qualifications for preachers. One of them is to be a man — a husband of one wife (1 Timothy 3:1).

The Scriptures and the pastoral epistles particularly are the Church’s guide to the qualifications pastors, teachers, and elders — not the whim of some psycho-babbling crazy-eyed charismatic who once had a dream about something absurd.


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