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If More Leaders Were Like John MacArthur, the Evangelical Church Wouldn’t Be Falling Apart

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The Evangelical Church is in shambles. It is falling apart before our very eyes. The problem is that the leadership — those who God has placed as shepherds and overseers — are weak, effeminate men.

While the Church should be very careful to deify any leader of the Christian faith, God has ordained the Church to be overseen by pastors and elders — in every biblical case, men. Male headship is God’s design for both the home and the Church. Yet, very few these days actually believe what the Bible says and women have run rampant usurping the role of men.

Voddie Baucham put it quite succinctly once that, biblically speaking, women in leadership positions are actually a sign of God’s judgment. This is true. Today, in the Church, we see God’s hand of judgment placed on the Church by allowing women like Beth Moore, Jen Wilkin, Priscilla Shirer, Christine Caine, Joyce Meyer, and a host of other arrogant, presumptously-speaking lady-preachers in the limelight.

They are there because the male leaders are weak.

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However, one man, a true hero of the faith and a gift from God to the Church, John MacArthur, has been unwavering in his opposition to the influx of liberalism in the Church. He is one a very few men with a large platform who aren’t too cowardice to speak the truth even when it costs him his popularity. Drawing the ire of so many Evangelical leaders, John MacArthur opposed them to their face telling Beth Moore to “go home,” and that “there is no biblical case to be made for female preachers.”

While there are hosts and multitudes of people who agree with him — thankfully — the problem isn’t that people disagree, it’s that people are too cowardice to speak out. It’s the loud-mouth feminists who cry and whine over MacArthur’s bluntness who guilt the other leaders into silence. Why? Because their own kingdoms are in jeopardy if they do.

The bottom line is the feminists and women are completely out of control. It has been an issue since creation and the fall — the woman desires to rule the men and the men are too weak to lead. It’s a reciprocal problem. It’s not just the women — the men are at fault.

So while weak men are squeaking away on social media and their blogs about how mean and blunt John MacArthur was to speak God’s truth despite the cost it could have on his ministry, if more men with a platform were courageous enough to do this, the Evangelical Church wouldn’t be such a joke.

There is no doubt that John MacArthur is today what Charles Spurgeon was in his day — an uncompromising prophetic voice that causes the Earth to tremble when he proclaims God’s truth. We should be thankful that God has allowed such a voice to influence the Church, but the Church should not depend on men like John MacArthur either. We need prophetic voices to proclaim God’s Word at every level and to shut the mouths of those who oppose it.

It’s such a joke that pastors and leaders refuse to deal with this issue for fear of offending people. The Bible does not say we need to mollycoddle false teachers and kindly persuade them to a better decision. The Bible is clear, their mouths must be stopped!

They must be silenced, since they are upsetting whole families by teaching for shameful gain what they ought not to teach.

Titus 1:11

Thankfully, John MacArthur understands this. We all need to understand this.


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