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Intersectionality Caves In On Itself, Woke Heads Explode Over “Islam is Right About Women” Posters

by | Oct 1, 2019

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The conservative right has always argued that the progressive left is a ticking, self-destructive time bomb and that it was just a matter of time before the movement implodes all over itself. Intersectionality — when allowed to follow course to its logical end — can only end in the total destruction of any apparent united front. It’s because the movement, rooted in Marxist critical ideology, recursively divides the culture against every other aspect of cultural identity until nothing is left.

We see this more today than ever before not only in the political climate but in the Church as well. The left starts out as a united front against the conservative right, but, ultimately turns on itself and eats itself from the inside out.

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Muslims, who have in modern history been protected and united with the progressive left against conservatives and Christians — from an intersectional standpoint — are now being attacked by woke progressives because, well, now they’re figuring out that Muslims aren’t just enemies of Christians, but enemies of women and gays too.

See the reaction by woke progressives who are in a frenzy over Islamic posters being posted stating “Islam is right about women” in Winchester.




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