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LifeWay Stores Sells Book by Sex-Trafficking Heretic Who Denied Deity of Jesus Christ

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God can use anyone or anything for good. That we know. But it is also common knowledge that Martin Luther King Jr. was a heretic who denied the deity of Jesus, participated in orgies, and trafficked women for his own sexual pleasure.

However, we don’t deny that God used Martin Luther King Jr. to propel the United States into a society that rejected the abhorrent practice of slavery and appreciated civil rights. But this does not make him a Christian or a β€œChristian hero.”

Martin Luther King Jr. has become the predominant idol of worship in the new progressive Evangelical social justice movement. Last year, the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission held a conference in honor of him and pedestaling him as one of the greatest heroes of the Christian faith. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary professor, Jarvis Williams, argues that the Evangelical Church is plagued with “white supremacy” because black “theologians” — namely Martin Luther King, Jr. — are not studied and taught enough in Christian colleges, seminaries, and churches.

Now, Martin Luther King, Jr., despite his rank heresy, is being peddled in the Southern Baptist resource outlet, LifeWay. LifeWay, who has a history of peddling heresy for cash, has now shuttered the doors of its brick and mortar stores but continues to produce and sell materials online.

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In an all-out effort to appease the growing social justice warriors and those who think that the Kingdom of God is primarily about racial diversity, otherwise known as being “woke,” LifeWay (Christian?) Stores is now carrying a book by the Christ-denying heretic.

martin luther king strength to love lifeway

The book, Strength to Love, according to Amazon, is a “classic text, here presented in a new and attractive edition, hints at the personal transformation at the root of social justice: ” By reaching into and beyond ourselves and tapping the transcendent moral ethic of love, we shall overcome these evils.”

Let’s be clear — LifeWay is not selling this book because it is a solid, biblical exegetical work on the life-changing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. No, LifeWay is selling this book because social justice warriors have elevated King to the modern idol of social justice, rewritten his theological history, and have turned him into something he never was to advance their cause. They’ve plastered his face all over their movement — a movement he would staunchly disagree with — and have defamed the valuable part of his legacy as a civil rights leader.

Despite the good works and accomplishments of King, King was no Christian and has no business being heralded as a theologian. His works were not Christian and he was no Christian hero. He is nothing more to the modern social justice movement than a political pawn.


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