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Westboro Protests Lesbians At Kansas City School, Blocked By Counter-Protest

by | Sep 25, 2019

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It’s safe to say that when a demonically-inspired “church” goes to protest a demonically-inspired curriculum at a public school, and they are blocked out by counter-protestors, this is a clear case of Satan casting out Satan.

And if Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand?

Matthew 12:26

On September 25, Westboro Baptist Church — the God hates f*gs organization — showed up a public school to protest against the school for teaching children that homosexuality is okay. According to their news release for the event,

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12-year-old Jak Guimbellot, child of two “mothers” living in Olathe, Kansas, says that “in school” he and his fellow students are “always taught that everyone is equal and everyone should be accepted”, and that “discrimination” against sodomites is commonly discussed “at school with Jak’s friends”

Westboro wanted their objective to be clear about two rules, that “Teaching morality is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! That’s the parents’ job. Keep your government nose out of that purview,” and that if they’re going to break that first rule, “which you obviously are hell bent so to do – then at least follow your maxim of teaching all sides, including the Bible side.”

Of course, they’re right. Teaching morality isn’t the school’s job and they’re right that homosexuality is sinful. What they’re wrong about is the gospel — that Christ died to redeem sinners. This is a message they do not preach — repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. That makes them false teachers.

According to a parent of one of the students at the school, a counter-protest was launched to cast them out. On a public online forum, the parent wrote, “Westboro Baptist protested at my son’s middle school today because they heard 1 of the kids had 2 moms & so many people showed up to block the hate that you can’t even see the protestors,” and posted the following pictures.

Post image

Obviously, opposing demonic false teachers with other demonic false teachings is a trick of Satan used to lure more people away from God and embrace the apostasy of inclusiveness. Jesus Himself warned that apart from Him, there is no hope. He is the only way. Turn away from all of this distraction and turn to Him.


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