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Hillsong Listed In Top Ten Best Gay-Friendly Churches in Los Angeles

by | Sep 3, 2019 | News | 0 comments

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Hillsong is no stranger to controversy as it is a man-centered culturally-minded organization that has one mission — entertainment. It is, in fact, a business built around entertaining the goats. As Charles Spurgeon predicted in his day, this would happen and Hillsong is the ringmaster.

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Hillsong recently put on a circus performance — literally, making Hillsong a circus. Hillsong has been riddled with controversy since its inception. Earlier this year, Hillsong released a statement effectively affirming their soft stance on homosexuality and a few years ago, they knowingly had a homosexual couple leading their choir at their New York campus.

While Hillsong continually tries to ride the fence on homosexuality, their are many diverse opinions about them. Conservatives continue to denounce their position on homosexuality because it’s too soft, yet gays and liberals denounce them because they aren’t accepting enough. In a continual effort to please everyone, Hillsong officially pleases nobody.

Yet, in the midst of their controversy, the voting bloc of Yelp consumer reviews tells a different story and Yelp has landed Hillsong as one of the top ten gay-friendly churches in Los Angeles. This says something about Hillsong. A homosexual can walk in, sit down, be entertained, and not have their conscience pricked by the preaching of the biblical gospel and a call to repent of sins and come to Christ. Below, you can see Hillsong ranked #9.

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