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Alistair Begg Joins Beth Moore and Pelagians For Preaching Conference

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Baylor, a private Christian university located in Fort Worth — which is known as the largest Baptist university in the world with approximately 17,200 students on its 1,000-acre campus — is hosting a National Preaching Conference in November. The conference touts that “noted national proclaimers will grace the occasion along with choral worship and inspirational break-out sessions.” These “noted national proclaimers” include such people as Tony Evans and Beth Moore.

Noted Reformed pastor and respected leader, Alistair Begg will be joining them.

Tony Evans is Priscilla Shirer’s father. Evans’ heresies include (but are not limited to) Pelagianism (the denial of original sin), Inclusivism (you don’t have to be a Christian to be saved), and Limited Theism (the denial of God’s omnipotence).

In an interview with Glenn Plumber at the NRB Convention in 2004, Evans affirms a Pelagian view of Christ’s death and resurrection, stating,

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But the thing that the death of Christ did was cover and overrule original sin so that no man is condemned because they are born in Adam, but men are condemned because they consciously reject salvation.

Evans also holds to inclusivism, that is, you don’t have to actually know Christ personally to be saved. In this same interview, Evans says,

If a person believes somebody’s up there that created this… I don’t know who He is but I want to know Him… if that person were to have a heart attack at that moment, God could not condemn him and be just because God says he who seeks shall find, so since God makes that promise, if God doesn’t give him the Gospel or give him a direct revelation then He has to judge him out of another dispensation.

Beth Moore is the favorite among the lady preacher speaking circuit ranging from LifeWay and the Southern Baptist Convention to Hillsong. Beth Moore’s most blatant heresy is undoubtedly her claims to have received a direct vision from God — a vision that contradicted the Scriptures entirely. In this vision, God supposedly told her that Roman Catholicism is one of God’s true Christian denominations and that he desires unity among the various denominations, including Catholicism.

In another video, she doubles down on this visionclaiming that God told her that he is going to “unite all sectors of Christendom,” and in another, she claims God gave her a vision of a bus stop so that she could give a random lady some money.

In recent weeks, Beth Moore has been under fire for her tacit affirmation of homosexuality and her refusal to directly label homosexuality a sin. Moore has been questioned for removing a section in one of her books which portrayed homosexuality as sinful, to which she responded that she was “exceeding Scripture” by doing so.

So the question is, why is Alistair Begg joining this group of degenerates at a preaching conference? Why is Alistair Begg lending credence to them? Certainly, Begg does not believe that women should be preaching? Certainly, he does no believe that Pelagianism is an acceptable doctrine among Christian ranks? What is happening in the Evangelical Church, and why are so many respected leaders taking sharp turns away from biblical orthodoxy and separation?

Further reading, Alistair Begg starred in a movie once where he played a cussing, liquor drinking role.


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