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After Shooting, Alabama Ford Dealership Owner Says He Would Have Given a Koran Instead of Bible if Customer Desired

by | Jul 1, 2019

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Last week, we reported that an Alabama Ford dealership was giving away a Bible, an American flag, and a shotgun as a Fourth of July promotion. The promotion was part of a string of Alabama wins for conservatism, following the state’s outlawing of abortion, crack down on pedophilia, and strong stance against LGBT indoctrination. The state is undoubtedly the most conservative in the Union, leaving us to wonder how much longer the left will allow this to go on before civil war breaks out.

However, after a shooting occurred at a Ford dealership in liberal, lawless California, Ford Motor Company insisted that the Alabama dealership end the promotion, citing it as “inappropriate.”

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The dealership general manager, in an attempt to placate Ford and other critics, cited his willingness to hand out Korans in lieu of Bibles, if the customer so desired.

NBC Bay Area (California) reports,

Ward says customers could have received a Torah or Quran instead of a Bible if they wanted during the “God, guns and freedom” promotion.

It’s just like a leftist to attempt to tie a completely unrelated homicide to conservative support for self-defense. However, it is far more likely that the homicide would not have occured, had the victims been given a 12-gauge shotgun to protect themselves with as part of some promotion. Or better yet, if all citizens and all states honored the second amendment and encouraged people to protect themselves and their families, the homicide rate would much lower.

Further, the Alabama dealership stated that recipients of the shotgun must pass a background check just as if they were purchasing the gun from a store.

Of course, once you hand someone a Koran, all bets for civility are off completely — so that pretty much negates the whole promotion.



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