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Militarized Police Arrest Pastor for Protesting Drag Queen Story Time

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An army of more than 40 police officers, many of them militarized with advanced weaponry, body armor, and tactical gear, gathered around the drag queen story hour in Spokane to “protect” the public facility from protestors. Before the day was over, they had arrested a Baptist minister for protesting the event, even though he was exercising his First Amendment rights on public property.

Local news outlets picture an event hosted by men pretending to be women, adorned in Cookie Monster-themed dresses. Wearing a wardrobe from Sesame Street, the mentally-ill and gender-dysphoric used children’s characters to attract children like pedophiles use candy. Not everyone in Spokane was happy about the event.

A pastor at New Covenant Baptist Church, Afhsin Yaghtin, was arrested by armor-clad police for “obstructing an officer.” Yaghtin argued with police that the South Hill Library facility is public property and that he should have been allowed to preach on the sidewalk by the property instead of being forced to stand across the street. Pro-LGBT protestors were allowed to stand on the library-side of the street.

The pastor continued to argue for his civil liberties, stating, “This is a public library. The only event that they’ve reserved is a private room. The rest of the library is U.S. property. I have the right to free speech wherever I want to speak.”

The officer disagreed, and took him into custody.

Other militarized police were seen with binoculars providing overwatch, at least one sniper, and dozens were patrolling on foot to make sure that the crossdressers had undisturbed time with the children.

Photo HT Christian News Network

One father told the press, “If Jesus was around today, He would be on this side.” The man had brought his son and daughter to drag queen story hour, and had his son wear a dress.

Pamela Moye, a mother who abused her children by bringing them to the display, said, “Drag queens are frickin’ awesome. Their makeup is better than mine. I go to drag shows all the time, but I can’t bring my kids.”

The Cookie Monster tranny reportedly told the press, “I think the parents were more excited than the kids.”

Events like this have nothing to do with “serving the community” (as Jonathan Merritt argued), but have everything to do with sullying a generation of innocent children and indoctrinating them with the anti-science religion of transgenderism.


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