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Evangelical Black Nationalist Blames White Supremacists For Islamic Attacks in Sri Lanka

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Thabiti Anyabwile is a former Muslim whose given name is Ron Burns. He changed his name to identify with his new black nationalist identity before he converted (back) to Christianity. He never gave up his nationalist identity, however, and chose to keep his name.

Anyabwile is now an Evangelical black nationalist who spends nearly every waking moment on social media launching attacks against what he perceives as “white supremacy.” Only through the lens of Critical Race Theory, rooted in classical Marxism, can one spout such divisive anti-gospel rhetoric from every possible angle.

Like any good progressive, Anyabwile won’t let a good crisis go to waste. Seizing the opportunity to advance his anti-white narrative, Anyabwile stands on the graves to tie “white supremacy” to the Islamic attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.

Thabiti Anyabwile
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Sri Lanka links attacks to retaliation for New Zealand mosque shootings - BBC News

If the link in the headline is true, Christians need to do a much better job of disavowing racism, white supremacy(ists), and terrorism in Christ’s name.

Equating some fraudulent form of “Christian” extremism to Islamic terrorism, Anyabwile suggests that true Christians don’t denounce heinous acts of murder committed by people who do them “in the name of Christ.” And of course, it’s the fault of “white supremacists.”

By the way, Christianity does not teach jihadism — Islam does. These are not two opposing but equal religions that teach radicalism from different angles. One is the religion of God, the other, Islam, is of Satan. An ex-Muslim, Christian, Evangelical, pastor should know this. But that would not fit his narrative.

To his credit, Anyabwile argues against the position that the retaliation was justifiable. However, his continual tirade against “white supremacy” and blaming the white “status quo” for pretty much everything that goes wrong in the world should not go unchecked.


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