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Gay Pastor and Gay Christian Activist Spar Over Bodily Resurrection of Jesus

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A gay man who calls himself a “pastor” and openly advocates for premarital sex and calling it “moral” and good” is now denying the bodily resurrection of Jesus.

Okay, first, I’m floored that “gay pastor” is even a word used in today’s modern vocabulary. I mean, who would have ever thought anything could go wrong with a gay pastor? Seriously, he already denies the biblical teaching on repentance and sanctification, why not just outright deny Christ altogether?

Well, that’s what this gay pastor did.

Jonathan Merritt is the son of former Southern Baptist president, James Merritt. Jonathan is an outed homosexual and “Christian” journalist who advocates for LGBT rights. He posted the following tweet:

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Jonathan Merritt
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I have deep respect for my friend @SereneJones, but Iā€™m gonna have to part ways with her here. Christianity has taken many different forms over the centuries, but it has always proclaimed that Jesus has been raised.

Brandan Robertson chimes in and contradicts this, claiming the Scriptures do not speak of a bodily resurrection.

Gay Christian journalist defends the resurrection,

And gay pastor replies,

Seriously, these two fighting over whether the resurrection is real or not is like two vegans fighting over which cut of beef tastes better. It’s not oxymoronic, it’s just moronic.


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