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Evangelical ‘Woke Church’ Movement Backfiring, Falling Apart

by | Feb 17, 2019 | Blog, Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Russell Moore, the head of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission has been pushing what he calls “racial reconciliation” –which has since morphed into “woke church” — since at least 2014. The movement, which describes itself as a movement to reconcile black and white Americans in the wake of historical racism, is actually rooted in Marxist ideology, namely, Critical Race Theory.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) emerged as an offshoot of Critical Theory, a neo-Marxist philosophy that has its roots in the Frankfurt School and its methods are drawn from Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. CRT teaches that institutional racism exists within every structure of society and that these structures are intrinsically designed in such a manner as to protect and preserve “white supremacy” in our culture. Further, CRT does not rely on factual statistics or objective evidence to support the theory, rather it relies on anecdotal evidence and personal experience.

While the movement started out seemingly benign to most, many have, since the beginning, have seen right through it. Many knew what the endgame of this movement is. The endgame is endless penance from white people, reparations, and ultimately, white enslavement. And now that the vast majority of evangelical leaders and churches have yoked themselves to this movement, it is now becoming abundantly clear that this is the goal.

In recent months, many of the black figureheads of this movement, such as Thabiti Anyabwile, Kyle Howard, Eric Mason, Jemar Tisby, and Ekemini Uwan have publicly called for reparations. Jemar Tisby insists that white people must “atone for their own past sins,”while Thabiti Anyabwile says that though he doesn’t agree with atheist Christopher Hitchens on anything else, he agrees with him on his “favor of reparations.”

The movement gained a lot of steam in the last few years, and while it did so, the “woke” grew increasingly bold, raising the bar and strengthening their demands for “reconciliation.” As it became clear that these “woke” individuals — who call themselves Christians — were not going to be satisfied with the biblical concept of repentance and forgiveness, many began to catch on and back down from the movement, even spurring a group of Christians — from varying ethnic backgrounds — to produce an official statement of opposition to the movement.

Much to the dismay of the “woke,” ironically, it seems the “unwoke” have woken up to the true threats to the movement. It is clear that the demands of the “woke” are un-meetable and nobody — black or white — can or should be held endlessly accountable for the sins of generations past.

This revelation doesn’t sit well with some of these “woke” leaders, and now it appears they are giving up — or maybe not. More than likely, this is a last-ditch effort at victimization, attempting to lure the sympathy of those who reject their dangerous ideology.

Eric Mason and Anthony Bradley tweet the following:

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