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IHOPKC Winding Down, Coming to a Close, According to Leaked Recording of IHOP University President

by | Apr 17, 2024 | Apostasy, Cult, heresy, News, Opinion, Religion, The Church

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Despite what Mike Bickle claims, IHOPKC was never a move of God or a work of the Holy Spirit, rather, it was a carefully orchestrated façade, which quickly became a cult, that has finally crumbled under the weight of its own leadership scandals. According to a leaked recording by IHOP University president, Matt Candler (not to be confused with Matt Chandler of Acts 29), the closure will be a gradual movement as they begin to “wind things down.”

“IHOPKC as an organization is beginning to wind down . . . ” Candler said. “We’re going to be maintaining our prayer room and eventually beginning a new organization.”

“We are seeing this present era…coming to an end, and the Lord beginning a new era,” said Isaac Bennett, an IHOPKC pastor during the meeting.

The International House of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC), founded in 1999 by Mike Bickle, boasted of establishing a non-stop worship and prayer movement aimed at ushering in global revival. Promises of “24/7 prayer and worship” were central, a radical initiative intended to mimic the perpetual adoration seen in the Biblical Book of Revelation.

IHOPKC drew significant attention and participation globally, attracting visitors and participants who sought to engage in these around-the-clock worship sessions. However, beneath the surface, the organization was riddled with allegations of fraud and misconduct. High-profile endorsements from charismatic evangelical leaders like Michael Brown and Francis Chan lent credibility and visibility to IHOPKC. During his term as Southern Baptist Convention president, Ronnie Floyd participated in IHOPKC’s annual Onething Conference.

From its inception, Bickle positioned IHOPKC within the controversial “Latter Rain” movement, a hyper-charismatic movement known for its advocacy of “new revelation” and “restoration of the fivefold ministry”—completely unbiblical concepts that distort Scripture to justify extravagant claims about human mediators between God and man. The “Latter Rain” ideology influenced many aspects of IHOPKC’s practices and doctrines, promoting a belief in modern-day apostles and prophets who could receive direct revelations from God.

These false teachings are a red flag as those who appoint themselves as “prophets” and “apostles” of God raise themselves up as spiritual authorities who cannot be questioned. Bickle’s affiliation with this movement led to a community built more on the charisma and influence of its leader as on its spiritual practices.

Bickle’s leadership, marked by claims of direct prophetic visions from God concerning the “end-time church,” did little to quell concerns, and was nothing more than a charlatan bilking the sheep for personal financial gain and—allegedly—personal gratification.

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For years, Bickle’s leadership was unquestioned as he wove narratives that left so many within his movement duped by false signs and wonders, leading them to an emotional high rather than true biblical faith in Christ. As allegations of misconduct began to surface, the true nature of the organization came to light, revealing a culture that allowed, and perhaps even encouraged such behaviors.

The final straw came with revelations of inappropriate behavior by Bickle himself, leading to his ouster and the organization’s formal dissolution. This resolution was not just administrative but a significant spiritual reckoning. To many former members, and to the benefit of the body of Christ as a whole, the closure of IHOPKC comes as good riddance—a necessary end to a movement that strayed far from biblical Christianity.

As we’ve continued to argue for years at The Dissenter, it is essential to recognize the dangers of these hyper-charismatic movements and our legitimization of them through the use of their music, joining with them in conferences, and anything else. It is a fierce warning about the dangers of hyper-charismatic movements that prioritize emotional experience over sound doctrine and accountability. It also reminds us of the resilience of truth and the discerning power of genuine Christianity that upholds Scripture over human leadership.

As IHOPKC fades into history, the Christians must remain vigilant against similar movements that may rise in its place—whether it be Hillsong, Elevation Church, Bethel, or else—ensuring that the teachings of Christ are never compromised by the whims of these charismatic leaders.

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