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Protestants, Catholics, Jews Join Hands for ‘Racial Reconciliation’ Conference

by | Feb 11, 2019

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Social Justice has become the predominant theme in the Evangelical professing Church today. It has swamped the Southern Baptist Convention as well as mainline Protestant denominations. Yet, it’s not just in churches, it is an integral part of the progressive left’s ideology. It is a golden calf of society as well as Christianity.

This week, Protestants, Catholics, and Jews will be joining hands to worship their idol of “racial reconciliation” in the Racial Reconciliation and the National Covenant conference. Sponsored by The Beeson Divinity School of Samford University, The Institute of Anglican Studies at Beeson, and The Institute on Religion and Democracy, the website states,

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This event will bring Protestants, Catholics and Jews together to answer the question, How does thinking about God change the way we think about race?

Of course, God is primarily concerned with how we think about Him — and let’s face it, people who think that Protestants, Jews, and Catholics have the same God definitely think about God the wrong way. First off, Jews reject Jesus Christ altogether, who is God. Catholics may have an orthodox view of the Trinity, but certainly, reject the gospel of Jesus Christ. And, quite frankly, the vast majority of Protestants have perverted the grace of God to some extent, turning it into licentiousness.

As I wrote earlier today, God hates religious diversity — it is a distraction from the call of the Church to preach the gospel. Yet, professing Christians continue to turn the gospel into a crusade for social justice, demanding that we cave to the culture’s ideals of fairness and equality.

Speakers at this event will include:

  • Rev. Eugene Rivers (National Ten Point Leadership Foundation),
  • Alveda King (Priests for Life),
  • Rabbi Dr. Joshua Berman (Bar-Ilan University),
  • Rabbi Mitchell Rocklin (Tikvah Fund),
  • Gerald R. McDermott (Beeson Divinity School)
  • Joshua Mitchell (Georgetown University),
  • Glenn Loury (Brown University),
  • Jacqueline C. Rivers (Seymour Institute),
  • Derryck Green (National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives),
  • Mark Tooley, (Institute on Religion and Democracy),
  • Dr. Carol Swain (James Madison Society at Princeton),
  • Timothy George (Beeson Divinity School), and
  • Robert Smith, Jr. (Beeson Divinity School).

Mark Tooley, one of the event leaders stated,

It’s unfashionable in much of today’s American Christianity to speak of America having a covenant with God. But this understanding of covenant may help offer the pathway to forgiveness and national atonement that the current national conversation lacks.

Yet, the idea of “national atonement” is not found anywhere in the New Testament. The gospel is not corporate. The gospel is a call for individuals to repent of individual sin, and to turn to Christ for forgiveness and life. The idea of corporate, national sin is an unbiblical distraction from the gospel — rooted in post-millennial eschatology — that leads to a dominionist push for Christianity to “redeem” the culture. Yet, Jesus said “my kingdom is not of this world,” therefore, we are to call people out of this world and into His kingdom.

“What accord has Christ with Belial? Or what portion does a believer share with an unbeliever?” –2 Corinthians 6:15


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