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A Sodomite Church in Las Vegas Harbors Illegal Alien Cross-dressers

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Northwest Community Church in Las Vegas, NV, touts itself as a church that is “fully inclusive.” According to its website, Northwest Community Church

is a place where all are welcome. As a fully inclusive church, ALL are fully embraced for the wonder of who they are. Our church family includes, all ages, all genders, rich, poor, employed, unemployed, under-employed, straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA).

Thea Racelis, leader of this sexually deviant cult.

Lead by a progressive, LGBTQ woman by the name of Thea, this false church claims that its message is “centered on the teachings of Christ” and that God is “fully inclusive.” More on that later.

The United Church of Christ (the denomination that this church is a part of) recently reported how two members, with the support of the congregation, are harboring a cross-dressing illegal immigrant. Referring to the illegal alien as a “refugee,” they report,

Dee and Eric are part of a small UCC congregation in Las Vegas. As members of the 18-year-old Northwest Community UCC, they are deeply committed to showing love of neighbor through social justice ministries. So when the opportunity arose to sponsor a transgender refugee, they answered the call.

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“We responded as members of Northwest Community Church UCC, turning no one away and loving everybody as Jesus truly loves,” said Dee. “We saw terrified people and wanted to help in a tangible way. We envisioned the migrants with the face of Christ at the door of our nation. We saw families separated. We could not turn away from our calling — as Christians and as compassionate beings of the human race — to open our arms to a stranger in need and trust that God will continue to protect and provide for us as we follow the teachings of love.”

On Oct. 24, Dee and Eric, accompanied by Northwest’s pastor the Rev. Thea Racelis, welcomed Renata into their hearts and home. Since that time, Renata has been living with Dee and Eric, and the church community has been involved in supporting their sponsorship.

Renata’s room at Dee and Eric’s is set up college dorm style with a small microwave, refrigerator, TV and radio. It also includes maps of the world and of Nevada. “We have given her the same respect of privacy and space you would any roommate,” Dee added. “A phone with unlimited data to contact her family was our first priority.”

This is not the only case of this church harboring illegal aliens. The report continues,

Fernanda, another transgender asylum seeker living with a local family, attends Northwest Community Church. She believes churches can play an important role in helping asylum seekers. “A lot of girls come here and have no support,” she noted. “They have a hard time, they are seen as outsiders.” Fernanda said she has felt welcome in the church and even though she doesn’t speak much English, she feels at home. Church members have accompanied her to important appointments and continue to be a trusted source of support. 

So not only is this so-called church complicit in breaking federal laws by harboring criminals who’ve illegally crossed our nation’s borders, but they are also giving them a false sense of security by affirming them in their aberrant sexually deviant lifestyle by claiming that God accepts them and is inclusive. In fact, God is the exact opposite of inclusive. While his command to repent and believe the gospel is universal and genuinely available to all, it is only those who would actually repent and believe the gospel that he accepts.

Luke 13:3,5 is clear, “…but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.” Romans 1further explicates that rampant sexual immorality is far from okay with God. It is in fact a judgment from God–being given over to the most detestable sin–upon those who are in rebellion against Him.

So it is clear that this church does not love these people its harboring. They are in fact prohibiting them from the truth, steering them from the gospel and saving grace of God. They are not teaching them to love God, but to hate Him.

This is because this false church hates God. It is not a church, it is a synagogue of Satan, and stands in stark opposition to the truth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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