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12 Fallacies of Christian Church Revival

Do you make these mistakes on Christian Church revival? Take 10 minutes and you will grasp them and how to avoid them.For centuries, Christians...

What is the Doctrine of Original Sin and Why is it Important?

There is a growing movement within Evangelical churches to reject the doctrine of original sin. The doctrine of original sin teaches that through Adam,...

There Is No Liberal Drift, They Say

Either the entire leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention is brutally dishonest or an epidemic of cognitive dissonance has been unleashed among these people....

On Spiritual Partnerships With Apostates: Where We Draw the Line Biblically

There is so much in this world masquerading as "Christianity" and this blog endeavors to equip believers to be able to discern what is...

Provisionism: Incoherent Hamartiology

Why did Jesus say men need to be born again if they are born innocent with a will that is not impacted by Adam's...

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