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White Wisconsin Church Puts on Bewildering Display of Self-Flagellation in Mock Game of “Antiracist Jeopardy”

The flagellant movement was a widespread phenomenon that emerged in Europe in the 13th century, characterized by groups of believers who engaged in public...

Queer “Pastor” Who Writes for Major “Baptist” Publication Says Jesus and Paul Preached Two Different Gospels

Brandan Robertson has been in the headlines quite a bit in the last year or so as he is an openly gay, self-described “pastor” who opposed...

The Gospel Coalition Puts Out a “Touch Not My Anointed”-Like Article About Criticizing Pastors

The Gospel Coalition has long been an outlet for progressivism whether it be theological liberalism or political activism. And The Gospel Coalition has long...

Another Alumni Exposes Critical Race Theory at Danny Akin’s Southeastern Seminary

Scott Crawford, a recent graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, published a video earlier this year detailing his experiences with the influx of Critical...

Dallas High School Teacher Pretends to Shoot President on Screen in Front of Students, Yells “Die!”

A public high school teacher at W.H. Madison High School In Dallas, TX, stands in front of her class while President Donald Trump is...

Major Evangelical Media Outlet Employee Handbook Says Mission is to Abolish the “American Dream”

RightNow Media is a growing Evangelical media resource that dubs itself a "Netflix for Christian Bible Study." Right Now Media touts itself as the...

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