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Former SBC President Who Admitted to Affair Skips Church Discipline, Restored by Panel of Outside Pastors

You may remember earlier this year during the aftermath of the Southern Baptist Convention's sex abuse investigation scandal where apparently countless thousands of pastors...

Third SBC Presidential Nominee, Robin Hadaway, Now Thrown Into the Mix, Who Is He?

You may have seen that a third Southern Baptist presidential nominee has been thrown into the mix. Following the announcement of Willy Rice two...

SBC’s North American Mission Board Partners With Gay-Affirming Church for Caregiver Ministry

In recent days, Reformation Charlotte has documented the extensive capitulation to homosexuality and other seductive worldly pursuits that the prominent Southern Baptist megachurch, First...

Former SBC President Says Oneness Pentecostal Artist is “Holy Spirit Anointed and Biblical”

Despite this, former Southern Baptist president, Steve Gaines, praises Oneness Pentecostal Charity Gayle and her extreme charismatic emotionally-manipulative music as "Holy Spirit anointed" and "biblical."

Matt Chandler Joins Heretics, Hillsong, and Women Pastors for Christian Leadership Conference

Christianity has its fair share of peculiarities, and more often than not, you can find movements among professing Christians that are baptized in Bible-speak...

SBC Conference Speaker Hosted a “Bible” Series Based on the Sexually Explicit “Game of Thrones” TV Show

David Hughes, pastor of Church of the Glades in Coral Springs, Florida was chosen by FBC Orlando lead pastor, David Uth to speak at...

Major Evangelical Media Outlet Employee Handbook Says Mission is to Abolish the “American Dream”

RightNow Media is a growing Evangelical media resource that dubs itself a "Netflix for Christian Bible Study." Right Now Media touts itself as the...

Southern Baptist Leaders Guilty of Racism and Public Slander

Reformation Charlotte was the first to give a voice to the sheep at FBC Naples who have been mistreated and publicly slandered for voting...

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