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Bethel Pastor Says God Made Adam Both Male and Female and Broke Adam in Half to Create Eve

Bethel Church should just rename itself to Blasphemy Central as absolutely nothing that comes from the pulpit in that hell hole is biblical. If...

Bethel Pastor Says That Adam is “Procreating With God” When Naming the Animals

At some point, the true Bride of Christ has to expel the evil person from among them. But sadly, many churches today not only...

Duke Divinity School Chapel Speaker Says God is “Queer,” a “Drag Queen,” “Trans Man,” and “Gender Fluid”

Duke Divinity School, a United Methodist-affiliated private school in North Carolina is now platforming the blasphemies of the Pride cult by declaring that God...

Vaccine-Worship Happens at Rock Concert in England

A popular Indie rock band in England took the nation by surprise recently when, during the middle of the concert, the band and the...

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