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Mark Driscoll Accuses Mars Hill Leadership of Plotting to Oust Him By Framing Him for Committing Adultery

Mark Driscoll is the fallen pastor who was forced to resign from Mars Hill, the church he founded for, well, basically being a horrible...

Faux Faith Healer, Todd White Addresses His Critics, Compares Himself to Jesus For “Being Hated”

Todd White is a rank heretic β€” there are no two ways about it. Todd White not only teaches prosperity theology but is a...

From the Darkness of Word of Faith to the Glorious Light of the Gospel

My name is Elly Achok Olare. I am a pastor in a small town in Kenya called Mumias, in Kenya’s sugar belt, about 500 kilometres west of Nairobi. It was in the year 1994, when I heard what appeared to be the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In reality what was advertised to me then was a Jesus who would meet all my needs and fulfill all my dreams as a young man. I was told that to be unsaved was to sign up to a life of misery, sickness and poverty.

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