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Matt Chandler Joins Heretics, Hillsong, and Women Pastors for Christian Leadership Conference

Christianity has its fair share of peculiarities, and more often than not, you can find movements among professing Christians that are baptized in Bible-speak...

Man Executed in Portland for Being a Trump Supporter

Aaron "Jay" Danielson was shot in killed during protests while practicing his consitutional rights in downtown Portland, OR this weekend. Black Lives Matter and...

Dallas High School Teacher Pretends to Shoot President on Screen in Front of Students, Yells “Die!”

A public high school teacher at W.H. Madison High School In Dallas, TX, stands in front of her class while President Donald Trump is...

“Baby Lives Matter” Mural Being Treated as “Vandalism” While Black Lives Matter Graffiti is Fine

CHARLOTTE, NC -- As chaos an riots have filled the streets of American cities, graffiti and vandalism is seen everywhere. In downtown Charlotte, NC...

ANTIFA Terrorists Bust Trump Supporter’s Head Open With a Baton at Patriotic Rally

According to reporters close to the scene, ANTIFA and other far-left radicals attempted to stop a patriotic rally in Olympia, WA over the weekend...

Watch: Group of Black Thugs Drop-Kick Little Girl in the Head as They Bludgeon Her Mother

As leftist politicians continue to free violent criminals from prison amid the coronavirus pandemic, violence in black neighborhoods has been on the rise in...

BLM Activist Assaults Black Man For Tearing Down BLM Signs, Threatens Kids

Black Lives Matter is clearly not about black lives. If it were, you wouldn't see stuff like this. A black man was tired of...

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