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Duke Divinity School Chapel Speaker Says God is “Queer,” a “Drag Queen,” “Trans Man,” and “Gender Fluid”

Duke Divinity School, a United Methodist-affiliated private school in North Carolina is now platforming the blasphemies of the Pride cult by declaring that God...

On Spiritual Partnerships With Apostates: Where We Draw the Line Biblically

There is so much in this world masquerading as "Christianity" and this blog endeavors to equip believers to be able to discern what is...

Former SBC President Says Oneness Pentecostal Artist is “Holy Spirit Anointed and Biblical”

Despite this, former Southern Baptist president, Steve Gaines, praises Oneness Pentecostal Charity Gayle and her extreme charismatic emotionally-manipulative music as "Holy Spirit anointed" and "biblical."

Southern Baptist SEND Leader Says We Need to Abandon Doctrinal Precision and Objective Truth

As Southern Baptist leaders continue to deny that the denomination is facing an increasing drift to the left, concerned Southern Baptists and Evangelicals continue...

Bethel Music – Deceptive, Demonic, Unfruitful Works of Darkness

If you've followed The Dissenter at all, you know we've covered the contemporary Christian music movement and have written about several of its mainstream figures,...

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